My mother . . . The B I T C H

Let me start by saying I'm only a 14 year old boy. I have a 22 year old sister who's in a Really f***** up way my Father figure. Now I'll talk about the b**** . so she had me had me at 35 so if your smart you would know she is 49 now. my father who is a good for N O T H I N G ass hole has been in and out of my life and has cheated on my mother for Y E A R'S . and one day he walked out of us and got married to a black woman ( oh did that p*** my mother off) so my mother married his brother, and thats where she becomes a b**** . . . we have a pool were pretty well off in life (shes a doctor) and one day after going swimming we had to undress in the garage so the floor never got wet and my step dad in front of my step brother pushed me to the car and acted like he was have s** with me, I told my mom and sister my sister F L I P E D out but my mom just didnt care and now she puts him before me and my sister and act's like we dont have any money but she doesnt know i know her bank pasword we have money on money but she wont give me any or my sister but if he (step dad) ask she will give him 1000's right out of her pocket. and yesterday I went to my sisters for the say and she told me no more like filled me in on the real deal , my mom doesnt love my step dad she love's me more of a "Bestfriend"
and shes been paying all of his s*** thats why she took my Debt and credit cards and cut my phone from unlimited everything plan. and i found out that when my sister who is a Lezben (that's why shes my father figure) when she came out my mom hated her and b4 that my mom beat her b4 i was born . and i can say and mean it i hate my mother .


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  • You can join the navy at age 17 with parental consent...hold out of 3 more years...see the world from far away!

  • wow...

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