i love him! i am 11 but i belive in love!!!

my name is millie and i have recently joind high school.
i have met this boy called ryan who i am mad about. but i am not sure if he like's me 2!
we are good friends and we hang around alot 2gether but is it love?
i belive in love in first sight, but most people.
I have been dying to tell this 2 people!
we hug but that is what friends do.
i feel there is a little spark between us.


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  • It probably isn't love. Maybe more like a crush. Here is a definition of it from Websters

    A crush is a short-lived and generally unrequited form of love or infatuation, prevalent among teenagers. A crush also refers to the object of this infatuation.

    A crush occurs when a person observes another person whom they find attractive, and forms an idealized image of the person in their head. The person then \\"falls in love\\" with this image, which may have no relation to the real person whatsoever. A crush is an inherently unstable condition. The crush is likely to reject the advances of the afflicted person, because they may consciously or unconsciously realize that the afflicted is in love with an fictional image, not them, and that they are not compatible despite the afflicted one's daydreams. Alternately, the afflicted may get to know their crush well enough to realize that they are in love with a fiction, and become disillusioned.

  • From the comments in 'Best Friends Boyfriend'- another users previous confession:

    \\"how old r u?
    was it good?


    With my powers of troll-dar, I sense a baby troll.

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