Jealous Of Bestfriend

I am jealous of my now engaged bestfriend after having countless unsettled relationships! I mean, I am the one who should be engaged. I am the one who has been in one single relationship. Hey man is so hot, I w*** off him. I so want to break them up. I mean, I have tried in the past but he loves her too much to leave her. I pretend to be happy but deep down am green with envy, am so jealous. I hate that she is happy and has better things, it should be me, princess me!!!

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  • brings back memories of a once so called bestfriend. She was only that because she thought she was better than me. At the point my life got better she tried every trick in the book to hurt me. She hated me with a passion but guess whose life is better now ;-)

  • loser! get over yourself and sort your life out

  • why are you still her friend? is it so that you can s**** her life some more?

  • B**** :/

  • You are a self-centered horrible 'best' friend.

  • wow

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