I f****** hate them. If I'm reading something and I come across a typo it ruins the entire peice of literature. It drives me even more insane when I come across not a simple typo, but a MISSPELLED WORD. Oh my god, I CANNOT STAND IT. I want to jump throught time and space and whatever the f*** is between myself and the author of the horrendous pile incoherent words and shove my fist through their skull and rip out their cerebelllum. If it is NAME that is misspelled, oh that's even worse. Then I not only want to rip out their cerebellum, but shove my foot so far up their ass that I kick out their esophagus. I'm not kidding.

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  • There are also run-on sentences and grammar issues with this post.

  • there are several typos in your post. Good job IDIOT.

  • At this point the troll is prodding you to misspell your responses.

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