slave contract

Life Agreement
Slavery contract:

Of my own free will, I slave's name here, (from this point on referred to as “slave”) hereby grant you, Master's name here, (from this point on referred to as “the Master”) full contracted use of slave’s body and mind, 24/7/365 control of the slave until death.
Slave will obey the Master at all times and will wholeheartedly seek His or Her pleasure and well-being above all other considerations. Slave will renounce all rights to his or her own pleasure, comfort, or gratification, except insofar as the Master desires or permits them.
Slave will strive diligently to re-mold body, habits, and attitudes in accordance with His or Her desires. Slave will seek always to learn how to please the Master better, and will gracefully accept criticism.
Slave renounces all rights to privacy or concealment from Him or Her. Slave will answer truthfully and completely, to the best of its knowledge, any and all questions the Master may ask.
Slave understands and agrees that any failure by itself to comply fully with the Master’s desires shall be regarded as sufficient cause for possible severe punishment.
Within the limits of physical safety and his or her ability to earn a livelihood, slave will otherwise unconditionally accept as the Master’s prerogative anything He or She may choose to do with slave, whether as punishment, for amusement, or for whatever purpose, no matter how painful or humiliating.
Master will care for slave, and will not without hold food, water, or other necessities carelessly. Master will always hold slave's mental and physical condition in consideration for all things.

I, the undersigned participant, hereby apply for slavery with the
Master, _______________ (Real Name Here). By placing my signature below, I acknowledge that I have read and will be required to comply with all of the Terms and Conditions of the Plan as set forth in this Agreement. I understand and intend for this application to constitute a legally binding agreement between the undersigned and the Master.

This Slavery AGREEMENT is a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT. Upon completion and signature, you will become obligated to make all the necessary changes that had been told to you. Failure to comply with the Agreement may result in legal action, and/or the loss of privileges and punishment as seen fit by the Master. DO NOT SIGN UNTIL YOU READ THE AGREEMENT AND UNDERSTAND THE TERMS THEREIN

(slave's legal name, printed)

(slave's legal name, signature)

(slave’s Social Security Number)

(slave’s driver license number, copy attached)

________________________ Date


(Master’s Legal name, printed)

(Master's Legal name, signature)

(Witness 1 print)

(Witness 1 sign)

(Witness 2 print)

(Witness 2 sign)

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  • Similar to what a former slave and I had. She knew it wasn't legal but lived as if it were.

  • No Master/slave contract is legally binding nor recognized in the United States by any court system. They will not notarize them at banks, they have no power outside of symbolic representation.

  • I Paul Tilley will tribute $250 monthly to King 86 for as long as slave contract is valid

  • Does anyone know if this is 100% legal?

  • No lifestyle contract is legally binding

  • Does anyone know if this is 100% legal? Like it can actually be used in society?

  • I am a man and I want to be a slave to a master 24/7

  • I like to be a slave

  • Is there any way i can be owned for life and kept in extreme bondage and caged in a dungeon with no rights? If so please let me know asap.

  • You can find contracts that make it near impossible to get out of, legally, but that's about as close as you can get. While the government can interfere with your contract, once you're through that you just go back to normal.

  • What's wrong with the woman bing the owner and the man being her property, her s** slave, I would love it.

  • Can I be ur slave please?

  • I love it. Iam owned by my mistress for sometime now.
    I am a male, pet and slave,
    collared and leashed.

  • Nothing wrong with women being owner and man being slave. I am a man owned by a woman , mistress.

  • I wish I could but to old now

  • We are 54 and 56. never too old for kink.

  • I would love to be YOUR slave!

  • I would love to do that I am a man.

  • This excellent document should be mandatory.
    It should be an unalterable and inviolable contract, but applicable only to the woman in the relationship.

  • Why are you talking like a caveman? Lol! "Ug! Me man! Me MASTER!"

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