My 20 year old forgot to bring the xbox home from her boyfriend so i took revenge by sniffing her dirty panties



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  • You consider that revenge

  • Jesus H Fu cking Christ! Stop with the panty sniffing post already you un imaginal Bas tard you. Try harder like you like spraying isopropole alcohole on your nutz and d*** and then jumping up and down naked outside infront of a day care center and waving your p**** at the kiddies. Please no more sniffing panties or underwear or even your mommy's old crusty rusty grey granny cuntz.

  • Im sorry, i can't do that becuz I'm kind of dumb and can only think of 1, mayB 2 things at a time and 1 of those things has to be the same tired old crap becuz that keeps the brain monkeys away

  • How very effective. *pats your precious pointy little head, then wipes hand on your shirt*

  • You’re funny

  • Funny as in "Bill Hicks" funny, not "needs a helmet and a drool cup" funny (like OP)

  • That ought to teach the little b****!!

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