Wife turned into monster

My wife and I are into S&M when we have s**. Unfortunately, soon after we got married, my wife has turned my entire life into a nightmare, for her sexual pleasure, and she won't stop. First, she quit her job and then started spending money like it grows on trees. She hired a maid to come in a clean, and a personal chef to cook every day. She buys stuff, maxes out one credit card after another, took out a second mortgage on the house, and just keeps spending like crazy. When I protest, she just giggles and rubs herself and tells me I needs to bring home more money. So now I have 2 jobs, and still can't make ends meet. And she just keeps getting more credit cards and spends and spends. Yesterday she bought three brand new big screens. One of the living room, one for the bedroom, and one for the dining room! I got home and she was masturbating, and watching me go nuts. I love her, but what should I do. She won't stop. Help!

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  • Bitchsnita here is about as stable as a walrus on a flagpole.

    RUN LIKE H***!

  • Sounds like bipolar disorder

  • Me thinks you need a lawyer

  • I'm the original poster. I'm beginning to think those of you who think divorce is the way to go might be best. Today my lovely wife (LOL) decided to rev the engine on her car until it blew up, and then went out and bought a new one. Now, of course the old car is worthless, and I have to pay for a new car. What a b****.

  • How did she get a second mortgage without you being on board? Unless the house is in her name..she needs you to sign. Are you unable to say the words NO to her? She obviously doesn't take you seriously because there are no consequences. She's going to bankrupt the both of you and you just sit there passively. Quit your second job. Hire a realtor to sell the house and hire a lawyer and divorce her. And move on..S&M or not this is no longer in the bedroom, she is going to ruin your life - she clearly doesn't respect you. She's probably cheating on you. She has a lot of time and money to do so, while you're at work she has her lover coming over. It's a perfect storm for her..why not? She has nothing to lose, you aren't going to do anything..or are you? And P.S. this is not love. But if you're not going to do anything, then don't complain and deal with it..this the life you are creating for the both of you.

  • Loser

  • And if the credit cards are in your name, its your debt. You are the one who will go to jail


  • D-i-v-o-r-c-e. its not gonna get any better. time to visit dump city.

  • He's right: things are not going to improve. You need to separate yourself AS SOON AS POSSIBLE from this festering debt magnet, and from the bankruptcy soon to follow. Get out now before she destroys your credit -- and your LIFE -- permanently. Please......hurry!

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