I'm a happily married man beautiful wife and 5 healthy kids. Me and my wife are very sexually active but I'm a doctor hospital is my home 24/7 on call surgeries etc. due to that I've become very germaphobic towards anything I touch I won't grab handles with bare hands always wash my hands consistently disinfect my phone,car handles, door handles, shopping carts, etc. Much of cleaning supplies at home are all sanitation along with regular clean supplies. When it comes time for intimacy with my wife I tend to ask my wife if her hands are washed and clean because it's my personal parts she's touching or health purposes most of the time it bothers her. I always remain clean in all aspects and I think it's important to have good hygiene as well as clean hands during intimacy any little dirt dust etc can cause infection or form into something horrible. I feel guilty that I tell my wife / remind to wash her hands before she jacks me off or brush her teeth and tongue before she gives me mouth e********** but I'm the same way before I eat her out etc finger I sanitize should I not tell my wife to sanitize or just ignore it all and leave the doctor stuff at home or do I consist with my habits because it's safer and cleaner for mine and her protection ?????

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  • I think the best thing here is to continue the way you are with your wife as this will make you feel good. But you should also allow your wife to have a few normal men with big c**** that will f*** her the way she wants to be f*****. Then you won't have to worry about keeping your hands clean and you wife won't have to be worried about enjoying a good hard dirty f***!!
    If you do this you will both be happy!!

  • Talk to her, have an open dialog. Not right before or after s**!! Keep eating the crap out of her, congrats!

  • From the sound of things you are possibly a germaphobe who is suffering from the urge to be compulsively clean. If this continues to be a problem, please think about getting therapy in order to rid yourself of this.

  • Cleanliness is kind of necessary but your a surgeon she has to understand where you come from

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