Because Moving On Is The Hardest....

From the moment my eyes fell upon you, I could feel a sense of change come over me. You made me more aware of what true beauty is. All my days were brighter because I knew that you would be there. You have a smile that is radiant in all that it is and I can't help but wish that you were mine. I wear a smile on MY face whenever you are near because everything about you is so remarkable. For the longest time, and still counting, my days carry on, hoping that 1) You would say my name with your sweet, irresistable voice and 2) to be your friend in the least. I guess that sometimes wishes just don't come true and that all dreams cannot become a reality. Being your girlfriend is the one thing in my life that I will always be saddened to admit that it was never fullfilled. We could have shared something truly amazing with eachother if you had given me the chance, if you had placed trust within me and not let your fears drive you. Love is a complicated thing, but when you find two people that have feelings for eachother, it is the most indescribable thing in the world. I am sorry that we never got the chance to get to know eacother better. I guess these two hearts of ours are too confused and frightened to make a move. Please keep being yourself, as great as a person you are, and my last wish that I have in concerns with you, is that you recieve everything that you have ever wanted in life, most importantly love, a girlfriend that will bring out the best in you.
♥ ♥ Jessica♥ ♥

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