I dont know who i love anymore

Cameron, James, Isaiah, Taylor. I love them so much. all of them. Here's Why. Cameron: We dated for a year and ill never forget it. he would always talk to me till i felt tierd. He would hold me whenever i was upset and crying. hed make me laugh just to seems smile and brought the best out of me. we know everything about eachother and help eachother thick and thin. I love him. James: We have dated more times than i can count on my fingers. But, hes just like me. So many bad things has happend to him and hes so emotional becuase so many people have left him and hurt him before. yet still he puts a big smile on his face. i can trust him with everything and tell him how i fee and what bad things go on at home and hes understand cause those same things have happend. I love him too. Isaiah: Weve dated once. Hes a douche to me here and there and yells at me here and there since we broke up. But when we were together, wed tell each other EVERYTHING to whats on our minds to or deepest darkest secrets. we think so much alike and agree on so much. he calms me down when things happen and makes me feel better. he knows everything about me. literally. I love him too. Taylor: We talked here and there over the school year but we recently got so close so fast. We have almost everything in common. We like all the same things, think alike, have the same maturity level, our childhood was the same. we both had a bad one. and we built off of that. Because we think alike and agree on everything, hes the easiest person to talk to. I can tell him everything and would tell him whatever he wants to know. we are so close that we are brother and sister. we do almost everything together. He doesn't care what i look like and thinks im the most beautiful girl their ever was. He would hold me when i was scared and wipe away my tears when i was crying. I love him too.

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