you know when a christian realises theres no god..

... well thats how i felt the other day
i was so passionate about the environment and eco stuff, i was even studying environmental sciences at uni
but then i realised that actually no one else cares - they only care about themselves and money
so now iv just abandoned my whole life as i know the future: we will continue using up the resources, still thinking we can carry on without consequences, the planet will force a major world disaster on us and we will all die
yer there are people that do care but its a minority. if people cant be bothered to recycle an effing can cos the bin is on the other side of the room what hope do we have?
we might as well give up now for all the good its gonna do and enjoy our materialistic lifestyles while we can because its too late for change

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  • I roo am an enva student. The obvious apathy you are describing is part of the human condition. Unless we few that see the "iceberg" approaching, do what we can to avoid it and help everyone learn how we can do that there will indeed be no hope in the future. I hope you begin to see the part you can play in saving mankind.

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