I hate fat people!

I can't be around fat people. How do you expect them to care about me when they can't even care about their own f****** body? And I can't do anything active with them around because they just complain! I can run up a staircase in less than 15 seconds and they'd just whine. "Don't go so fast!" breathing heavily or some s***. But they never leave me alone for stuff I do that annoys them! No fat person I've ever met is nice at all! Ugly people, different stories. They actually take care of themselves. And fat people always smell disgusting. Like, go away, fatties. They're so f****** gross. I hate them all.

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  • I can't stand thin people! I can't stand being around them. They don't even care about their own bodies. They think they are better than everyone but they look like death warmed over, and their clothes just hang on them. They are so gross. I hate them all!!!!!!!!!

  • F*** off.

  • I have it on good authority that fat people don't like you either.

  • I agree fat is ugly. I like skinny and I limit my food intake and my whole family eat minimally fresh and small amounts of meat. So we are all skinny. That means the girls can wear skimpy clothes and feel good about their bodies.

  • Of course boo boo.

  • After reading this pathetic tripe I feel like getting fat just to annoy this cretin.

  • Do it get soo f****** fat u can't walk anymore

  • You're a j*** and a s***** little troll.

  • I AM SO FAT!!! SHAKES FATNESS AT YOU!!! I am pleased fat people can make you so miserable...who knew their fatness was so useful?! This post is hilarious. I am sure you were attempting to troll and make people mad, but really you're just funny. Thanks for the giggle.

  • Overeating and obesity are diseases. Have some compassion.

  • They aren't a f****** disease that's pretty stupid diabetes is a disease

  • Then you probably won't like the mental image I'm about to give you: You're laying in bed, alone, maybe touching yourself, when in comes two massively, morbidly obese chicks. I mean, when they walk and you check out their bum it's like watching two dogs fighting under a blanket. They smell like cheese, and one of them's got a fuzzy chin while the other's black as the ace of spades. You were having such a good time, so you yell at them! Get out! Hey! But these plus-sized ladies need some of your good skinny lovin'. They climb into bed with you. The springs on your bed creak from the weight of these two blubbery walruses beaching themselves. Their fat rolls swell against you, wrap around you like a gurgling water bed. The cheese smell of their armpits and greasy skin churns your stomach. You're suffocating while they laugh and tickle your booty. Are you getting turned on? Why, you naughty so-and-so! Hey wait, here comes Greasy Joe, he's the husband of the fattie with the fuzzy chin. Greasy Joe comes into the room, but he's not mad at you. Good for you, he wants to join! The way he gets off is by resting his hairy fat gut right on your forehead while you stroke yourself off. You're crying from the shame of your arousal, but helplessly at the mercy of these three morbidly, grotesquely obese bodies smother you up with chunky love. It's at once both the best and worst time of your life... yet now you can't stop the endless craving for ice cream and potato chips!

  • Actually I have to admit that I once bedded a rather fat and smelly woman, and I couldn't get aroused at all - she had to give me a b*******.

  • And I've bedded smelly skinny b******. And fat chicks that smelled great. What's your point?

  • What went wrong for ya, mate? Well, ya didn't stick your willy under her chins and go buck wild, that's what.

  • That's awful...lmao but at the same time very arousing. I like hugely fat women. I'm married to a 550 pounder but she doesn't have a fuzzy chin, greasy skin nor does she smell like cheese but she does smell like butter cream cake frosting at times Lol. Am I missing out on something? Are the smelly gross ones better in bed? Lmao. If so I'll stop my wife from taking a shower.

  • Naw, you put a freakin bell on a rope around her neck and you leave the nasty slob out in the pasture the graze all day. What am I, your life guide? Sheesh.

  • No, I can tell you're not not a "life guide", because you would need experience for that. Nice try though.

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