I'm a Mexican

I wish you dumb Americans stop being racist to me any culture. I don't care about that flag. I'm not going to worship that dirty cloth. What that flag want with me. I come here to work and get paid. I want respect and I earned it. You white people makes me sick. You look at me like I'm going to take your white women and still your things. Well for your information. I own a house a car I have bank account and I good credit. And you people are paying for my family health care. So basically we are living the American dream. But don't care to be an American. So you white people can go kiss my butt. I'm taking advantage of this life until the day I die.

Jun 20, 2020

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  • That was unkind. Don't be an ass. We all face bigotry. Be a man and say that to someone's face. I am were as dumb as you I would assume that all Mexicans were hateful and go patrol the dawn border myself and collect trophies. We are giving grace because most of us are kind. We can certainly stop though. We are being invaded and have every right to plant you like trees. Do not tempt us. No joke. People are dead because of ignorant shitbirds like yourself. Plus you are short. I will let you know when it starts raining.

  • That is exactly how they ALL think. They are all f****** WAY more racist toward whites than any white people are to them. They get free food and a lot of it because they have so G******* many kids. Their food assistance allowance is easily four figures and were paying it all.
    They don't have to lose any government assistance when their wages increase because it's always under the table. Mother f******. It's because of them that wages haven't gone up for twenty years now. White collar job that paid $20/hr in 2004 STILL pays $20/hr thanks to their "I work more cheap for yoU" bullshit. F*** you w******. It's because of us that you f****** have ANYTHING, b****. Sending half of U. S. dollars down there instead of spending them here like they need to be in order for s*** to work the way it used to for hundreds of years before you f****** got here. The only thing that will get better is perhaps the second generation Americanized English speaking offspring that were born and raised here hopefully will be less of a bunch of freeloading system abusing pieces of s*** than you are. Eat s*** f******.

  • Fake!

    Not written by a mexican. This site is full of people pretending to be someone else. Like everywhere else online. Look at the wording.

    Stop falling for it.

  • Can you say assshole instead of Mexican your embarrassing my peeps.

  • Hey Mexico, why are you???

  • I go to Mexico and f*** your women they love white clock in them

  • Really???? I didn't know you had a clock between your legs. Hmmmm, some kind of new super human.

  • Mexicans talking crap now. They had to wait for George Floyd to die and the black lives matter movement to say something........ FAKE

  • So I'm paying for your family health care bills. How about you pay my MF health care bills. Coming over here talking that smack. Get out of america, you are nothing dude. You and your family.

  • Free health care. And I'm paying for it. WTF!! I'm beginning to hate America

  • Well, I wasn't racist against Mexicans before, but here's a great opportunity to start. If you can't handle what you dish out, too bad.

  • He can handle it. You my friend, can't handle the TRUTH

  • Change your diaper, it's starting to smell as bad as the rest of you

  • Diaper?????. Wow!, I didn't know children are on this site.

  • Whilst all lives matter it is rather discouraging the read how little you value the American culture the enabled you to attain such an elevated life. One can only hope that someday you will see that if the American system is not retained, it will not be there for your descendants to enjoy

  • All lives don't matter. This Mexican hate you white people. And he is getting everything from from you. Including free health care.

  • Mexican lives matter

  • Really???? Tell that to Trump. Stupid mexican

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