I hate my dad, I hate my life.

My parents used to love me. Then one day i screwed up. I smashed my mom's favourite vase. Her dead mom had given it to her and it was really special. My dad told me that i would go to h*** for this, and i deserved to die. I asked him how I could make it up to him. He wanted something much more than I expected. S**. He raped me at least once a week from the age of 9. He said if i told mom she would hate me, and never be my friend, and I'd just got her to like me again after the vase incident.
I was scared and felt discusting.
Now, at 15 I still do. I'm not physically strong enough to stop him, and now I'm debating running away. I have a big brother who lives in London. I've never met him, as he left when i was born. He hadn't liked Dad, I'd love to know what he'd done to him. I might go find him, live with him. The adress is written down somewhere.
I'd love to stay and protect mom, but my Dad has never layed a finger on her, so I know she'll be fine.
I hate my dad, I hate my life.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • call the cops

  • i've seen the flow of interesting things go through the mind of a person by watching my own, i've thought about doing several terrible things, it's more evil in there then anything i've ever seen, heard, or read about. but if you can't control those things and you have no moral sense, you deserve to be put away. hey, you send your dad to prison, h*** get raped b/c people do not take kindly to child rapists, h*** get what he deserves there. what the guy up there said with the camera, do it, take it straight to the police, i'm sure they can protect you, give that b****** what he deserves

  • turn the camera on and tell ur dad no. If he forced you yo do something you have all the evidence you need to put him away for a long time. He is scum.

  • Find your brother and move on. Your mom is an adult and can take care of herself. And she knows what your dad has done, maybe not all the details but she knows. I moved out when I was 15. I moved across the state to a relative and lived in safety. You can too.

  • Scratch the last comment. Did not read the entire confession. Problem is mulch deeper than a broken vase.

  • Try and to find a replacement vase identical to the broken one on ebay. You my be amazed how many duplicates are out there of some older things. It would not replace the broken one, but would go a long way to mend your parental relations.

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