Daddy Tom

I am 23, female. I came to stay on the farm with my step-dad after my mom passed away 2 years ago. He is 54 and I take care of the household.
A few weeks ago late one night I had to go to the bathroom. I was on tiptoe down the hallway so as not to disturb him, but when I passed his bedroom I saw him lying naked on his bed. He was so intensely engaged in masturbating that he didn't even notice me. When I got back from the bathroom he was still busy beating his enormous d***. I stood for a while watching him from the darkness of the hall.
Now, I've had some s** with boys a few times, but this was the first time that I actually saw a grown man masturbating. Within a minute or so I felt myself becoming aroused. Just as I put my hand between my legs to rub my throbbing clitty I saw him reach his climax and shooting his load all over himself. I knew I had to leave instantly before he decided to go clean up in the bathroom. Back in my room I had to finish satisfying myself before I could fall asleep.
Next morning at the breakfast table I looked at him differently. I never thought of him as sexually active. I knew he was still mourning the loss of my mother and he hasn't since shown any interest in another woman.
That afternoon when he came back from the stables I was in front of my bedroom window in just my bra and panties pretending to put on a new dress. He couldn't help but notice me, but when he came into the house he didn't mention anything about the incident. Later that night after dinner when I finished washing the dishes he knew that I would be taking my bath before going to bed. He excused himself to go smoke his pipe outside and made a point to mention "in the orchard". That is right opposite my bedroom window. I didn't draw the curtains. It was dark outside and I couldn't see him but I knew he could see me clearly. I tried to act normal while getting naked (on purpose) to put on my pj's, but I could already feel the wetness between my legs. I took as long as I could without making it too obvious and even struck a pose in front of the mirror - for his benefit.
This has been going on for almost a month now. Sometimes while watching TV at night he would sit next to me and I can feel his eyes on my body, but up to now he hasn't taken any advantage of me. He masturbates average of 3 times a week and I think he has heard me passing his bedroom when he's busy.
When is he going to pluck up the courage to pin me down? Why don't he just rip off my panties and rape me?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Like any man I know he is hesitant and polite. you need to make the first move, like visit him at his bed when light is off and you are naked. spread your legs and feel the joy. why waste his loads.

  • I will f*** u if he dont

  • ^^^ why do you all have to be so negative? how on earth would you know if it's real or not?

  • No more V***** for you, Big Guy!

  • More fiction.

  • This is soo gross and if its real why do you say I've had s** with boys if your 23 don't you mean you've had s** with men.

  • I do believe this is a fake confession.

  • I'm 25, male

    I feel as though my eyes have been raped reading this crap.

    I'll sue you.

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