Embarrassing Confessions

My future husband always licked my panties before I left

He was raising 3 kids.
We had s** when we could find time to be alone......but after dinner or something, when it was time for me to go home to my apt., he often would take me into his bedroom, undo and lower my jeans and push me back onto his bed. I protested taht first time , "no!, you can't [more]

Dry humping

I'm in my forties and I love to day hump. Is it normal?

Exhibitionist from the start

Like the title says I have been an exhibitionist since the age of 4. I was always running around w/o clothes in the house and would stand in the window and wave at the old lady next door and she would laugh and shake her finger at me and I would laugh.So one day I was looking through the laundry basket for a pair of socks and found a pair of my... [more]

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Find a person tied up?

If you found a guy tied up naked deep in the woods to a tree and blindfolded, what would you do?

I let a cop feel me up

I was out to lunch with a policeman who works at our courthouse.
He'd been flirting with me like crazy - and he knew he was pretty hot I guess.
He liked to embarrass me with some of the stuff he said to me. Liked to see me blush.
Sooo, this day I was feeling kinda flirty right back - and tired of being thought of as a kid. (I'm 23~!)
So - he... [more]

I almost drowned

We spent a lot of time on our boat. we got together a bunch of friends and a few boats and headed to our favorite hangout swimming spot. my wife liked to read, i liked to swim.
I also liked to wear cutoff jeans and go commando. I'm told i have a nice skinny butt.
my buddies wife caught me on the other side of the boat from where everybody was... [more]

Gave my husband chlamydia

I been going out with guys from tinder or guys I meet from my gym for about a year now. My husband and I have been together for 8 years and I miss hook ups. I also have a thing for black guys and been hooking up regularly now with different men for about a year. Not to long ago I meet a guy at the gym and went back to his place for a while. About... [more]

Ass fetish

Hi I kinda have a buttcrack fetish, I love to show mine and love to see others show too. Something about it just makes me feel so good it really does.

Physical therapy wrestling

I was having physical therapy for a leg injury. One week I could only get a late session so I took it. Only a woman therapist was there and myself. I did all the exercises with only one to go. The last ones are on a very large mat. She told to go over to some medical term for the mats. I said you mean the wrestling mats and she said yes. I person... [more]

Outdoor self-bondage

I am a married straight guy who fantasizes about being tied up. My wife hardly ever ties me so when she was out of town with the kids I decided to do it to myself. I waited till just after dark and then I took off all my clothing and grabbed a short rope and a pair of handcuffs. I set the key to the cuffs on my kitchen counter and then I went... [more]

Mature women to wrestle with

I put a post on a dating site for a widow who would be interested in wrestling with me more just fun. I did not think I would get any response but I did. Now I am having fun wrestling with this woman. We enjoy wrestling extremely rough and applying different techniques and wrestling holds on each other. Has anyone else done this.

Went from sub to dom

I use to be a very submissive girl. I married young and my husband was extremely dominant to the point I could never say no even if it meant him selling my body to other men. I was his play toy for years and had me do things I really enjoyed as well as things I cried hours over including actually raping me multiple times. It took me a while but... [more]

Male in panty

Ok, I confess, I'm a straight male but have a fetish for women's underwear. I wear panties all the time, and wear panties as a swimsuit to the beach. They actually look like a swimsuit and that's cool.

I was angry

I was angry hipocrytical prideful disrespectful tyrannical impatient manipulative tyrannical defensive argumentative self rightous selfish ungodly unloving unmerciful unforgiving irresponsible immature complaining self rightous I had worldly sorrow resentment I was anxious afraid faithless decietful worried paranoid lazy I was ungrateful I... [more]

Raccoons and lice

I once had a friend, L, who liked raccoons. She liked to snuggle them. I gave her a hug. I now have lice from the raccoons. TJH

Secret Sissy Maid

Hi, I am a 58 year old married man, been married for 28 years. I am also a crossdresser. My wife isn't crazy about my crossdressing. She has seen it and has even taken some pictures for me so I can try to improve my feminine look. Although I love dressing as an everyday woman, I must say that fantasy dressing is much more fun. I often dress up in... [more]

Bi longing part1

I have always been bothered by my "bi" nature. It has not been a problem for a long time
Oh I DO remember taking a long look at he "all male" area of adult book stores. I used to get SO worked up when I saw "those" kind of pictures in my younger days.
But during the last several years it has arisen again, My wife passed about 7 years ago. I... [more]

A*** over vaginal s**

I much prefer a*** s** or vaginal s**. I get off faster and have more intense o******. I have been having so much [more]

Why am I such a scrawny little p****?

I am such a p****. All I do is f*** with women. I don’t know why God made me a p**** any help from anybody would be highly appreciated. I am remarried to a girl, and I like to bite her on her face. I like... [more]

I’m in love with my wife mother

I’m secretly in love with my wife mom I never looked at her like that until she moved in with us.She is so beautiful she walked in the bathroom while I was naked on hard.She told me previously she handnt had none for 10 yrs I felt bad.When she wear dresses around the house she catches me trying to look between her legs when she not looking I think... [more]

I steal my friend's sister's and mom's panties and bras

The first time was on a hot summer day a few years ago. It was just my friend and I chilling out playing games or something. I went to the bathroom. On the way I passed their laundry table thing and it was separated out into mens and womens (very convenient). I was only passing by when I saw his mother's bra on top of the pile. It was black and... [more]

Spanked naked!

I got many spankings when a kid completely naked! They were primarily by my mom and a few by dad. I had to remove all my clothing myself. Sometimes it was because I finished a bath and was not allowed to get dressed. This was done to increase the tension and fear of what was going to happen. Even though I’m a boy I wasn’t embarrassed at all being... [more]

Not supposed to be here...

I just turned 34. Married with a daughter. I partied my teens and my 20s away. Figured "well, I'm not making it past 40 so why not." No seriously i was planning on taking matters into my own hands before 40. Now that I have a daughter I HAVE to make it well on past 40. Never planned on having to continue to be alive. Every day is scary. I have... [more]

Got caught sucking c*** by my gf

I’m a senior in high school and I’m bi but not open to family and my gf doesn’t know. One of my best friends started becoming curious and wanted me to go down on him after school. We picked a day that he would be comfortable with and we hung out for a while till he started loosening up s bit. I started massaging his back and lead me to rubbing his... [more]

Fetish is causing problems

I am having issues getting "up and ready" when having s** with my girlfriend. I travel extensively for work. I have always been curious about "bisexual" play with men. About 66 months ago I decided to visit and adult bookstore while out of town. There was a private room with 2 men sitting on a sofa. They... [more]

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