Embarrassing Confessions

Driving in High Heels

When I was a young boy, many years ago, my mother explained that she put on “sensible” shoes to drive because higher heels made it difficult to feel how hard she was stepping on the gas pedal and she was afraid I would be upset if she stalled the car. Aroused by the idea that high heels could transform a skillful driver into a helpless “damsel in... [more]

Pushed it too far.

My boyfriend of 2 years is into voyeurism, I know and always have, Its...Whatever. One thing he gets off on is letting people see me in provocative outfits, It started with just some braless in public stuff then a little bit of leaving the blinds open while walking around with no top on and then we had friends over, More my friends but definitely... [more]

Water park

I went to a water park with bunch of peers from high school. My girl friends told me to cross my arms over my bikini top so the force of water down the slide would end up around my neck. It worked but splashed down at end of slide in three feet of water with my bottom gone with a crowd at the end looking at my [more]

Earthworm Jim

I have posted on here before about this. I am a forty something woman and get aroused/turned on when superheroes or comic book characters get weak and vulnerable. I have been trying to avoid watching or reading this stuff as it can, at times, be a bit embarrassing or uncontrollable. I had until last week did so with some degree of success until a... [more]

I Wish that I had the courage

I have a confession about my fantasy that i tried to live out several times. it doesn't involve much effort it's just getting the courage to follow through.
i have been told by my husband and several past boyfriends that i have a beautiful body. i am a shy at first, normally not very adventurous and conservative and i think my body is pretty... [more]

CT male wants real spanking

I have always wanted to get a real spanking on my bare butt good and hard. Don’t know why but although nervous I am ready to get a serious discipline spanking. Would take from anyone who can promise true discipline. I am a smaller guy about 50.


So once i lived in this house where our yard was like on a hill so the neighbour's house was lower and we use to get mugs, toys, glass, a fish tank even and throw them over the fence and one day the lady that lived there came around to our house and i new if i didnt go up to her i would have to deal with getting in trouble by my mum so she yelled... [more]

Perv GF

I am having flashbacks from about 20 years ago- I recently remembered broken memories of my ex and me. I've been thinking of that often because for some reason, I am remembering this stuff... We would s**** quite often at her house... but oddly enough, she would set her "alarm clock" before we did... [more]


I titled this "Choices".
Back in college I signed up for student aid, loans. Lots of loans. Loans to help pay the rent, two semesters abroad, even a car. Easy money, comes and goes. I graduated with an advanced degree in comparative religions. I owed a mortgage, and nothing much to show for it. I got a job as a proof reader for my college... [more]

S** Play

I feel embarrassed about what my girl friend liked to do to me before we have s** i have to lie down naked while she sucks my nipples with her finger up my bottom ime not complaining because i enjoy it and i do the same to her, does it mean ime a bit gay enjoying her probing my [more]

I hate having blue eyes A LOT. I think they scare people away!

People say blue eyes “stare into someone’s soul” and make people uncomfortable. They are perceived as cold and creepy. As a premed who wants to start my clinical volunteer experience I don’t want patients to be too scared to make eye contact with me. I’m also trying to date right now and I have the same concern there. I am sick of wearing brown... [more]

A guy and his tights

I wear sheer pantyhose under my pants every day, I shave my legs every morning, my legs are seriously soft, very muscular, look super duper amazing to me in super sheer tights, I absolutely love how they feel on my legs, and I love how they feel when I gently rub them with my hands. I thought if I did this every day it might get old, now I cannot... [more]

My brother showed my v***** to his friend

This is short because it's just a confession. When I was 13 my brother decided to show me to a friend of his so he could see how a girl looked. I didn't want to but that didn't matter. He got my pants off and forced my legs open so his friend could see and he put his finger in my v***** to show his... [more]

I'm worried I like wearing women's underwear

I had a one night stand and couldn't find my boxers so she gave me a pair of hers to wear home. They ended up being kinda comfortable and I don't think I like them more than boxers but I don't mind them.

I am a guy, and I like sucking black guys in public

I had been really h**** and didn't have a girlfriend at the time, but needed some sexual relief. I had a couple of brief encounters with guys when I was a teen, I had been sucked and had sucked a friends c*** a few times, and always had that itch to try... [more]

Newly Married,, Found out new wife was the town teams. Now What?

Moved to a small town after graduating with a engineering degree. Did not know anybody. Didn’t take long to make friends and start a new life. I am not a party animal or bar fly. Got involved in the community and met a nice woman or so I thought. Turns out she was the unofficial town tramp. Been married about six months . Every time I took her out... [more]

Annoying Internet People

Ok, so I love youtubers like Colleen Ballinger and iJustine(and several more, these are just examples, I even kinda like Addison Rae lol)- beautiful, nice, interesting, talented. But EW, can the lame ones who are full of themselves delete their accounts please? BrookeAB is eternally thirsty for beauty and attention she'll never get. She uses... [more]

Underage drinking

I got drunk at f****** thirteen and embarassed myself on DISCORD and told my bf to SLEEP with me (trust me i didnt mean that i mean i knew better than that) AND PLS DONT HATE ON ME I've got plenty of hate for dating at thirteen already

My wife's boyfriend wants me to pay for his college

My wife and I have been in the lifestyle for a couple of years. She found out this young man from a dating app and they have been together for 6 months.
After the 1st month he moved in with us, and we rented a room above our home.
She made him her regular, she was being very generous to him. We had made ground rules that we will not pay for... [more]

I love hentai

I love hentai so much its so hot and sexy and i love hentai. Everyone wbo doesnt like hentai is a mother f***** repbulican traump lover and u should nute on trumps thighs you fycking creep. Imagine likuing real life women like 3d ugh. Even 3d hentai isn't good i love my waifuwms kobayashi and its so... [more]

I am in love with jesus

I beat my meat to jesus in all the christian moveies, my abuela has this shrine of jesus next to a kenau reeves candle and it makes me so absoluyt bricked up OOOOOOOOO whenevrr i get down on my knees to pray, I imagine.... you know.... glock glock 3 thousand

Lesson on race relations

I am a white college student from rural corn country USA. I decided to go away to a major college in another state. A month ago a black guy asked me out. I was so excited because he is a star player on the football team and very hot!
The last month with him has been great. I enjoy being around him and the [more]


Fukraine I say .


I confess to you our Lord and Savior and to all my family, Friends and people I may have offended in any way. I regret any and all grief, anger and I am thoroughly ashamed of my selfish and greedy attitude about life's distractions that I didn't have the courage to acknowledge my failings and hid behind every excuse I could think of. Please help... [more]

Private photos

I caught my boy friend looking at naked pictures of me with his friend. I later asked him why he did it. He told me he wanted to j*** off watching him sucking me. I dumped him and now every boy in the neighborhood has them in their in the phones. I can't do a damn thing about, because if I file a... [more]

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