Embarrassing Confessions

Looking for gay Priest

On my knes looking at him show his c*** hang out i ask what r u doing, shhh then i looked at his c*** and put my mouth on it, was only time i did that

I like gaining weight

I get turned on by eating food, doesn’t Matter the amount could be a little could be a a lot. I enjoy stuffing myself until it hard for me to sit up and my belly hangs out of my pants, and you can see my moobs though my shirt. I actually want to be over 300 pounds atleast one day. My shorts button has popped off multiple times in public as well

Anyone else?

Any girls ever been pimped out by a guy? Earlier this year it happened to me. I am a 22 year old attractive blonde. I waited tables at a restaurant, but a virus shut down put me out of work around New Years.
But it was great! With all that free extra money they were giving out I made much more than when I worked. I had party money and definitely... [more]

Wight Loss and Body Image Problems

TW: Mentions of body fat, skin, stretch marks, and eating disorder. If that's not your cop o'tea, then please see yourself out. //
So I am fairly overweight. I'm not going to try and candy coat this. I've always been a heavy person, and my binge eating disorder doesn't do me any favors with that. But last year was when things started to get... [more]

Im feeling ashamed of this

I'm a 21 year old boy, I'm 77 kg, 1.78 m tall, straight and reasonably short black hair with bangs in the middle of my forehead and I'm white/Caucasian. I tend to get hypersexual when I use psychostimulants such as amphetamines or cocaine, especially when I mix psychostimulants with alcohol. in the last 4 months i used several times stimulants... [more]


I was never into voyeurism...but my husband of 12 yrs mentioned that he would enjoy watching me without panties or thongs... well i figured i'm in the house what harm would it be? so one day i surprised him by going commando in a denim skirt while doing house work ( yes i was properly maintained)...after a few hours he asked to assist him on... [more]

Please make fun of me

I want someone to put me in a big canvas bag and tie it up just for fun. It would be a great feeling to be helpless in the bag while others laughed and made fun of me until they got bored and left me alone to wait until someone me along and let me out. It would be embarrassing to explain!

Should I say something?

Last week I caught my husband doing something perverted! I teach middle school and my husband owns a small moving business. He has 2 moving trucks and a half dozen employees, all guys and all large black men.
With all this virus stuff going on schools are constantly interrupted. One day last week several students were diagnosed with covid and... [more]

I hate my b******

I hate my t***. They're huge and saggy and my nipples are flat so I look like I have whale boobies. I partly blame my mother because when I was 13 and started developing she told me to use a cream to rub on them with the flat of my hand so they wouldn't be pointy because only [more]

My Dutch mother in law

I f*** my Dutch mother in law at every possible opportunity. Her c*** is much tighter than my wife's, and she loves oral s**. My wife has no idea that her mum and I are lovers.Her [more]

Diapered at 14

I had to stay with my grandma for a while when I was 14 due to some family issues. I had stayed there many times before. When I was younger I wet the bed often and still had daytime accidents sometimes. By 14 I didn't wet the bed anymore but I did wet my pants less than a year before. Still my grandma remembered all of that and wasn't taking any... [more]

Older men are pigs!!!

Why do older men always want a*** s**? I am an 18 yr old high school senior and my experiences with older men has been bad to say the least.
When I was 15 a neighborhood dad used hidden cameras to take pictures of girls. He used the pictures to blackmail... [more]

Adult man, plays with dolls.

Single male, early 30s. Never been in a relationship, desperate for compansionship and to have children one day.
My coping mechanism for the past 10 years has been toy dolls.
I have three "children" whom I love dearly and obsessively. I'm 100% aware that they're not real, and don't entertain any nonsense about them being "alive" in a Toy Story... [more]


My Girlfriend is locking me up in a chastity device for the entire month of October. She will take it of and tease me once a week, but I will not be allowed to have an o***** for the entire month.


I enjoy masturbation a lot more then having s** with husband...
i've used several house hold items as s** toys and i can't seem to stop doing it
i haven't had s** with my husband of 12 yrs in over 3 months and i... [more]

My education

I think an older girl spoiled me for good. I am a college sophomore and just started that big second year. The girl I was dating graduated and moved back to her home town.
Let me start from the beginning. Last year as a freshman I met a girl. She was a senior and graduating in chemical engineering. She was a little chunky but very pretty and I... [more]

Transvestite confession

I became a transvestite in my teens after wearing female clothing most of my life it started with stockings then bras and knickers and the whole female apparel followed very shortly. It is a drug and it is something that will never stop, nail varnish and make up are now part of my everyday life. I love being a Transvestite and dress as often as I... [more]

The encyclopedia the psychiatrist IQ test of slow

The encyclopedia the psychiatrist the IQ test of mentally slow a person that take longer or long to understand think learn not the encyclopedia definition of mentally retarded a person that limited or uncapable to understand think learn who telling mentally lies now

Do the correct thing .

America did exactly the correct thing by deporting those Haitian migrants . Another thing , those Border Officers on horseback deserve medals .

Want to expose myself

I want to go online/webcam and m********* to a bunch of laughing girls (or just a single girl) in a humiliating way. Like making ahegao faces, squeal and moan like a girl and say stuff like "I'm still a complete virgin at 32" and "I want to know what it's like to be inside a girl" and even... [more]

Bbw in a girdle

I love watching my fat wife squeeze into her panty girdle

P****** in my jeans

I'm a 19 year old girl, and since I was a little girl, my parents, me, and my siblings, we never used the bathroom. We were brought up to p*** in our jeans (which I prefer) to p*** in the bed, on the carpet, on the capane ...
Of course we love her and... [more]

I love seconds!

I am addicted to sloppy seconds. We are a mid 40's white couple and have been into swinging on and off for years.
I remember the first time my wife had s** with another male without a condom. He was a young, attractive, black male and the wife was extremely attracted to him. When we got to the hotel... [more]

Knocked up by a n****r

I can't stand to even look at my wife right now. She is 7 months pregnant and I am not the father. To make it even worse the father is a nasty n****r.
We were having a rough patch and I was sleeping in the guest room. She decided to have a one night stand to satisfy her sexual needs. There is a black guy where she works with a reputation as a... [more]

Emily Preibus in Goldielocks and The Little Bible Trumpers

Aww…as I reminisce today of my whole year with my wonderful husband Marcel Shihadeh. I can’t stop to think how y’all hoes…especially my enemy who try to ruin my life and my husband’s lives with her witchcraft that didn’t even much work. Let me tell y’all the Honest Tea about my life now! Let’s see Marcel Shihadeh regrets ever even much talking to... [more]

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