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Girl friend's male 'best friend' dominated and humiliated me

So my girl has this best friend, he's a slim and tall guy, handsome and muscular. He's a tree surgeon so you can imagine his body. He has been around too often and they go out together every week. I got jealous and ended up arguing with her and she got tearful, left the room. I was still angry but I let it go. A few days later she was away working... [more]


I am not a boy, I am a trans woman. Please can people stop misgendering me. I was born with a p**** but I'm still a girl and go by she/her pronouns. I was born with the stupid name Red but I go by Rosie. I am a real woman, and I'll change my body to fit who I really am.

Missing my boyfriend

Lockdown in the UK has been very hard. I am a thirty something man in a long term relationship with a woman. I am also conducting an affair with a male co-worker. Because of Covid 19 restrictions I have been unable to see him for months. I miss his touch and want desperately for him to make love to me, especially when I dressed in lingerie and... [more]

My wife Used to cuck me with men

My wife used to cuck me with men, then it all paused for the last several years we have been reliving old s** stories. then she found tik tok and finally came to grips with the fact she is Bisexual if not absolutely a lesbian. She is attracted to Masculine females or at least one, they snap chat all the... [more]

I wanna be a woman

I’m from India and my family is a part of the sikh religion. One of the conditions being that i can’t get my hair cut EVER. So I’m 16 and have hair as long as you can imagine. I recently discovered that I was bisexual and I thought that would put an end to the dysphoria, but that wasn’t it.
As my cousin lived with us, her clothes were all over... [more]

My mother will never see me as I want her too.

My mother has stated again and again if I were even to change my pronouns, I'd have to be 18. Sadly, I know even when I do transition, she will never see me as her son. I've asked her again and again to use he/him with me, but she always says she can't because its too big of a change, and she has always seen me a girl. Every time I try to talk... [more]

Gender help

Ever since I've been a child I have wanted to dress like a mix of boys and girls. I still do to this day and have no reason why. I don't feel like a girl but I also don't feel like a boy. Anyone have any ideas on why I'm like this?

Gender is a social construct

I'm non binary. My name is Red. I go by they/them. My parents don't support me but I don't care <333


I think someone in friends with platonically is gonna ask me out and I don't know what to do I don't want to ruin our friendship nskndkdndk nooo


Can u platonically fall in love with someone bc I feel like I'm in love with this person but I'm not physically attracted to them or want to be with them :') im not even attracted to their gender

Subway guy

I have never told anyone about this experience. When I was 20 I used to take the train from Maryland to DC a lot. There was this guy that was always on the train going to work he was about 60. After a week of seeing him he started talking to me and one day ended inviting me to his house. I knew what he was doing but played dumb and a few days... [more]

Need help

So I am a lesbian but I don't know how to tell my family (advice needed)😥🙁

Gay mess

So I recently realised I'm a lesbian, at first I thought I was bi but I'm not. I have been talking to my friend online now for like three months every single night and we are already so close, we just click. He is trans and gay, I am non binary and lesbian. But somehow I think I'm catching feelings for him. It's not that I don't see him as a dude... [more]

I'm a M********

I have been a m******** since I was old enough to start remembering things. I have no idea why I'm like I am. I was never abused nor around anyone who was. I just like being abused, but only in certain ways. Can anyone else relate to this kind of life?


I watched meat spin...Unfortunately I Was The one Who Made It....
I watched meat spin...Unfortunately I Was The one Who Made It....
I watched meat spin...Unfortunately I Was The one Who Made It....
I watched meat spin...Unfortunately I Was The one Who Made It....
I... [more]

Bi curious Snapchat

I am always h**** and keep thinking about a guy bending me over and f****** my ass, I’m a virgin and the most I did was suck a random guy off on whisper. I want to sext and whatever, I’m in Florida and I’m 21 and chubby hairy. Lookin for people to... [more]

Just like mom

I have been crossdressing and fantasizing about pleasing men since my early teens. I am a 55 married man and have and several encounters with men my age and older. I loved loved it each time and want it even more now. I try to get my wife to take a lover hoping that maybe we could have a mmf. I would spy on my mom as a kid. My parents had lots of... [more]

Biden 2024

Why do people think trans girl’s shouldn’t play sports l**** obviously you guys don’t know anything about medicine/ hormones it blocks the manly stuff out and let’s us grow b**** makes our hair grow faster all that good stuff so stfu and go play a sport

Wearing Panties

I totally love wearing panties,I have more than my wife..

I'm gay

That is all. F*** off homophobes, this has nothing to do woth you. Go whine somewhere else

I love panties

I love wearing panties and giving oral....

Interested in a gay boyfriend

Hi I am an older guy and very interested in a young gay boyfriend for gay love and ltr relationship and of course gay s** of which I am very experienced
also experienced at enemas. I do enjoy foreplay and frenchkissing, a*** and oral [more]

I love to give head to married men

I am older married male and I love to meet married men and give them head I find it so very enjoyable to have a mans c*** to suck and being there marriied to I always feel safe when they c** for me and I swallow

Interested in male enemate

Hi I am an older guy and very interested in young men for an enemate and to give each other enemas and also enjoy some gay s** as I am very experienced since age 15 and use new fountain enema syringes with a regular enema nozzle with hose and also a large enema syringe with a large enema nozzle and... [more]

Want to be Juliet

I've always been a pretty feminine boy. I definitely take after my mother more than my father, especially with regards to my appearance. When I was little, I would even sometimes get mistaken for a girl. Anyway, I'm currently 16 years old and a junior in high school. For my Drama class, since I'm young for my grade and (like I mentioned before)... [more]

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