Strange Confessions

The truth is right now I do want a big family

Backstory. I realized I was gay in junior high. I had my first real crush and I acted out on it and I got rejected. Later in high school this girl came onto me, she was a d*** which turned me off but that's who I had my first overt sexual experience with, my first oral [more]

Punishment and love

When I was growing up and into high school, I had a friend who's parents were really strict. I mean really strict. My parents were kind of distant. Detached.
Sometimes I would go to my friends house on the way home from school. Her mum would always welcome her and give her a big hug and a kiss. She'd say hi to me and I'd hug her. I guess... [more]

Feeding the pervs

I did something that is probably psychopathic. One of my female friends told me that she keeps getting hit on at her new school and guys keep trying to flirt with her. She obviously doesn't like it at all and tried her best to avoid it.
After she left that school, I found the guys' numbers through various means (I'm from a different school)... [more]

Do You Like Pee? I Like Pee

I like pee. I have liked pee for more years than I can remember. Here's my story.
Every day in the shower or if in a tub, I dave up my pee until my bladder is about to burst and over the years, that means a lot of pee. I go into the shower and lay on the floor, hold my d*** and release. I direct... [more]

Seat Sniffr

I get turned on by smelling peoples seats after they have sat for a bit. Especially when the person has not bathed recently. The poopy BO smells get me high. I’ve also found myself sniffing peoples butts while they sleep. My room mates ass smelled dank. He was a skater and didn’t do hygiene so much. Miss his stink.

I'll let him watch as I am f*****

My husband and I get off more intensely the stranger our s** is. We videotaped most of our trysts at home. One summers night we went outside to have s** under the stars. I like to be blindfolded alot of the time. This evening he had me blindfolded and all nude... [more]

You can get too high

Turns out that there is a limit to how much weed you can ingest. Not to overdose but to get to a point where it doesn't affect you anymore. The lockdown has been tough and my marijuana habit got out of hand as I dealt with extreme boredom. I had to stop smoking and vaping because it was hurting my lungs. So, I turned to edibles where I... [more]

My 8th grade bus driver made going to school wood in my pants

It was the first day of school 8th grade. I got on the bus and sat in the back with my friends. My bus stop was the 2nd to last so the bus was packed. My friends and I always sat in the back of the bus because that is where the cool people sat. I never ever sat up in the front of the bus. We thought it was cool to see in the back over the rear... [more]

Incredible peeing fetish

I'm just a 30 years old girl who is addicted to peeing in my pants. I've always peed where I shouldn't. I purposely peed in bed all thru childhood, and still do to this day. During the day I drink a lot of water or soda and hold me pee until I simply have to give up and just let it flow. It usually happens usually in the early afternoon. I will... [more]

Belly and Abs Punch

Idk how else to say this but I'm 100% with the idea of getting punched in the abs and punching a woman's abs/belly. It would be awesome to take part in sessions where we trade punches to each other's bellies with a lovely woman. I'm a guy who can receive and give good punches. I just am so into this fetish idk where and who else to confess to.

Why do find all thing obesity sexy

I’m a extremely slim & very healthy woman.
But I am attracted to obese individuals, of both sexes.
I’m I would even go as far to say I that I love Feederism.
I even define myself as a (FFA & FF). Female fat admire & a Female feeder .
I find it so such turn to see/watch even encourage obese people to become even fatter.
All... [more]

Dirty panties

I used to go over to my best frends house and stay all night his mom was a milf after we all went to bed i would go to the bath room and get his moms dirty panties i would lick them clean then i would take a pair and j******* shooting c** all over them... [more]

Stinky Secret

Since the time i was young i was picked on at school and humiliated. No pretty girl would ever hang out with me, they would just laugh. My self esteem was really low and still is. That led to me developing a scat fetish or s*** fetish. So a couple years ago i was in starbucks by myself and im not... [more]

Chinese pu@@y

In the town where I live in Australia there were lots of chinese (run by I am told by the police chinese mafia) massage parlours but really brothels. I used to regularly visit once a week and the girls were mainly chinese students.
After the china virus I was turned off china chinese and since December 19 never went to these places as trying... [more]

Wet diaper

Hello I'm a 58. Year old man.. And I love . Wearing a baby's soaking wet diaper.. And being very nasty.. Wearing it alday.. And I like sucking on... Mmmm. A baby's soaking wet diaper Feels so wonderful.... And I love the smell of one As well..oooo yes..

Overly affectionate mother towards son

Has anyone ever heard of convert incest? It’s when parents treat their children like significant others only with our sexual interaction.. recently I just got onto my girlfriend for treating her son like he’s her boyfriend because it’s just strange as h***. I’m her woman, and every time she kisses or... [more]

The guy at work

I always minimize stuff the happens to me so im asking what you people think. so im stalking the cooler at work at the gas station (im 15) this guy who works at the pizza side of the store comes in starting a convo asking if i get drunk in the cooler etc, he walked out an said hed be back in a minute with some [more]

Kicked out of a sexual survivor group, met a friend, lost gf

I'm a 21M, and my college has a student led sexual assault survivor support group. I attended the first meeting with 7 other people, and there was only one other dude. We all put our names in a hat and randomly picked who would go first to talk. I was the first, but was booed off because I'm a guy and can't get sexually assaulted, so I asked the... [more]


I was surprised that after losing my virginity .. i suddenly became a more favorite girl.... growing up and through out high school.. i was dripping c** out of my p**** more often then married women......not that i sucked down quite a few loads as well... [more]


No i can't i cried out as i slammed myself down on his c***.. i was hoping it would happen i wore a lose fitting skirt and no panty......
it started as just a tease and a rubbing of c*** between my [more]

Weird, specific fetish request:

I don't really have any way to seek real release, if any girl decides to help me with this, it is highly appreciated, and I thank you.
So basically, in no particular order, you tell me your first name, the general area you're from, your age, describe yourself, tell me how you usually dress, and if you're wearing anything, describe that. For... [more]

The chinese in Singapore

The Singaporean chinese are some of the most strangest, if not weirdest and gross people I’ve ever seen in my life when it comes to racism. In a country where ~70% are all chinese citizens, surrounded by nations which are not dominantly chinese(South East Asia), you would have thought they might be a little smarter than the mainland China citizens... [more]

Weird guy keeps asking me to lunch!

I just started my first job at a mail center. It’s just temporary because I’ve always been full time student at a major university until this year. I currently have two Master’s Degrees. My first is in Political Science and my second is WGS. I was working on my third in Library Studies but turned 26 and my parents began FORCING me pay for my own... [more]

Dungeons and Dragons

I know there's some guys at work that play dungeons and dragons weekly. They're just what the stereotype is. They wear clothes like their dad's, they're awkward around women and I doubt any of them have ever had s**. Actually one is married to a girl that works there but she's kind of fat and homely... [more]

Vintage babydoll chiffon/ nylon nighties

Yes, being a male in my middle ages I'm right into babydoll vintage double layer chiffon /nylon nighties and peignoirs with nice long long nylon ribbons .
Yeah I just love wearing these sexy babydoll chiffon nighties, both in bed, around my home, and while watching TV. I have a few nighties that have 3 layers of chiffon, and a peignoirs... [more]

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