White History Month

Why is it that if white people celebrate their heritage they are racist? We have black history month. The NAACP, the United Negro College fund, Congressional Black Caucus etc. But if white people ever try to promote themselves with the exclusion of others it is racist? We are a country of hypocrits. We applaud one group of people for the same thing we call out others for doing. Can you imagine the up roar if someone started white history month or if there was a National Association for the Advancement of white people? Can you say HYPOCRITE?

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  • Races should stop existing. That way there will be no racism.

  • Negroids always want special attention. Jews were slaves for centuries longer than blacks ever were (unless you count the time they were enslaved by OTHER BLACKS in Africa)and you don't see Jews constantly b******* about racism. So STFU porch monkeys.

  • White isn't a race.

  • and no one sure is white though it would not matter it is just a fact

  • Nevr saw a person the color of teeth.

  • i love white guys

  • hahah you white people cease to amaze me.who cares.

  • Great put down. Good job. Why engage in the topic when you can just use your literary expertise to ridicule. You should go on the Jim Rome show. You would fit right in with the clones.

  • Your ignorance is jaw-dropping.

  • ignorance??? what??? this guy has a valid point, i totaly agree, the only thing they did right by making a black history month is giving them the shortest month of the year

  • OP Here. To answer the 2nd comment. Which White history... St. Patricks Day??? That is an Irish Saint not a celebration because of race.Nordic? What celebrate the downhill skiers? Medieval... last I checked that is a time period not a race, region or country. Roman? that is Italian. I am talking about WHITE. Which for me means American of European decent. Me Irish-German. You?

  • ^ I with this guy. We should go from one party to the next and celebrate each others uniqueness.

  • I think that all races should have a month to celebrate their history

  • Agreed! I have been making this statement forever

  • Well.. pick WHICH white history you want to celebrate? Irish? St Patricks Day. Nordic? Medieval? Roman? Just which history are you speaking about? Many of the yearly holidays we have ARE related to white history. Some are purely commercial inventions. Or commercialism has adopted a holiday.

    You are speaking in veiled over-generic terms. Who are you speaking for?


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