I was hoping a Left Wing Liberal could help me out here. I know there are a lot of you on this site, so it should be easy to get some help with this question. I am neither right nor left, but I do have a question that I hope you can answer without calling me racist or just stupid. If you respond with something like that, I will just assume you don’t know either and wait for the next response. So here goes.

Can someone please explain to me why it would be racist if a white person was to start a group and focus on their white heritage, yet its fine for black people to start a black group and focus on their heritage? It would be racist if there was a United Caucasian College Fund, yet it’s fine to have the United Negro College Fund. It would be racist if there were a White Entertainment Television channel, yet its fine to have BET. Why is it racist to have a national organization for whites, yet it’s just fine for the NAACP to exist? I regularly hear that it is because of slavery, yet no one alive today has ever owned blacks, nor are there any blacks alive today who were slaves. I also hear people say that racism is only when someone shows prejudices towards blacks, and that no other race qualifies. So how is it fine for one side to cry racist all while showing racism themselves? I understand that there is racism on both sides; I just can’t understand why society and the Left are so acceptable of it towards whites? (see examples above)

For the record, I think that racism is wrong no matter who does it or against whom.

Aug 29, 2017

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  • I'm going to actually attempt to answer the question. The answer is, It's not ok, It's simply become considered socially except-able due to minority vs majority.
    The entire situation is a big hypocritical nightmare. All the race groups that get together are ( in my humble opinion ) racist in them self. White Pride, Black Power. The very meaning of these words are racist. By proclaiming these things you automatically proclaiming that your race is superior to another...Your proud of your race and the atrocities and accomplishments of your race. By excepting white power or black or Asian ect you must except that you are proud of what that particular race has done weather it be good or bad. Whites were killing whites and black were killing blacks and so forth and so on long before either of your races met. To proclaim anything race related is racist in it's self. So it's not ok. It's just what the socially exceptable norm is that current majority have bought into. So there really is no celebrating white power/heritage for the right reasons. Every one is at fault at some point threw out history for something. I'm not saying that it' wrong to umm say that your proud of your German, Scottish, Polish, Indian ect upbringing or certain aspects of your heritage. But if you make it about color it's racist. In some cases heritage is can be racist if your a person that thinks what the natzi's done was a good thing. They too thought they were a superior race.

    So the short answer is: It's not technically ok. It's just become socially exceptable over time base on things that happened long before my birth to push a narrative.

  • Because white people have been the oppressor all throughout history! Celebrating white heritage is not wrong in and of itself. But if you do it for racists reasons or to push back on liberalism that's f***** up.

  • Almost 100 comments and not one person can answer why racism is acceptable when it's against whites. I guess people need to wake the f*** up.

  • Racism creates more racism regardless of what race it is. all of you are guilty of racism and the end seems far out of site.

  • I agree. Only way for it to end is to stop race related narratives.

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  • All you white people who say whites owe the blacks because of slavery, why don't you all just sign over your pay check (or state aid check) to some black person every time you get paid?

    I mean you are white and you do think white people owe black people, so sign it over.

  • Ha, problem is they think it's only the rich white folk who should pay. And when I say rich I mean middle class.

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  • Not one person has answered the OPs question. You are all trying to justify racism by acting like 3 year olds.
    "Well they started it"
    When in fact you should be saying
    "It's not right and I'm joining the fight against ALL racism. No more white supremacist, No more NAACP!"

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  • I think you'll find that a few commenters did answer the OPs questions (plural), with an overarching message dealing with the 'why'. But I agree, racism and prejudice (I'm careful to distinguish both as one is about oppression and superiority (racism), the other, about conceived or learned negative opinion for and against another) both need to be squashed. It benefits no one.

  • Fantastic answer!! The best one on here :)

  • Your statement is correct, they did answer 'why'. However, the OP asked why society and the left think it's Okay to cry racism all while showing racsim. I don't think answering why they do it is the same as answering why they think it's okay. I guess it could just be six of one, half a dozen of the other.

  • There's numerous societies on earth, so which one are you referring to regarding racism?

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  • You can hate whites all you want but without whites inventions and science there would be no western civilization. We aren't the only ones guilty of horrible behavior and at least most of us are trying to make up for it. It isn't whites who are responsible for the high murder, theft, and rapes that go on in the black community.

  • We're human beings and individuals, regardless of race. Remember that when you refer to people by race e.g. "blacks and whites" instead of as individuals first and foremost. Be the change our nation needs, don't be part of the problem.

  • I agree to a point. Individuals first, but there shouldn't be an issue placing someone in a category. Otherwise we no longer have he, she. Boy, girl. Dog, cat. Day, night. You get the idea. It isn't racism to point out someone's race, it's just an identifier.

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  • A person's race shouldn't be used to identify a person, because a person is more than their racial ethnicity. And a person shouldn't be stereotyped, profiled, marginalised and prejudiced against because of their race. I understand your point of view and I respect it, but I don't agree with it.

  • Not all people categorize so they can show prejudiced, people do it because that is the way everything is structured. Humans naturally group things together, they always have. The problem is not with those who group, it's with those who are offended because they are not happy with themself. If you are not happy being who you are, than you look for things that offend you so you can direct your anger on to others.

  • I respect your opinion, but I disagree with it.

    One love and peace :)

  • You are wrong, it is the people who are not happy with themselves that are the problem. Just like the guy who held the door for a lady, only to be bitched out by her because she was a feminist who decided to let him know she didn't need a man to do anything for her. She has a problem with herself, and therefore she is a b**** to every man around her. If another woman had held the door for her she probably would have just thanked her and moved on. She is racist toward men and thus everyone had a crappy encounter.

  • SEXIST toward men. If you're going to make a point, make it accurately.

  • Exactly. Spot on!

  • Spot on according to your individual perspective. But there's bound to be some individuals, that don't agree.

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  • The OP is right. There are colleges for blacks only, black beauty pageants, blacks blame whites for all of their problems. There is even a black religion that says whites are not human beings.

  • Do you believe a person's racial ethnicity, determines and dictates their actions, morals, individual perspectives and prejudices?

  • No, but I do believe that your a shitlicker.

  • Stop projecting :)

  • I second the above comment and will add that in all honesty, I'm not sure you would want white heritage to be focused on, as you've put it, when it's built on so much negative history; the lies, manipulation, killing, rape, purging, appropriation, enslaving and the systematic and institutional oppression of others, and the continuous racist narrative that surrounds whites and white privilege.

    Just look at the history of your typical national monument or typical city museum to see a plain and direct example of what I'm referring to.

    Yes indeed, racism is completely wrong, I agree, but mostly, it hurts the the one hating than the one being hated on, for lack of a better term, as they are never able to declare true victory without someone else having paid the price.

  • Look at what blacks are doing to each other. Look what they are doing to each other. I don't remember who killed who but there was a horrible massacre of blacks in Africa were either Hutus or Tutsis were butchered to the tune of 250000 men women and children.

  • Are you from America and reside their?

  • Everyone are individuals, regardless of race. A person's racial ethnicity, doesn't determine their morals and actions. And a person's individuality, shouldn't be questioned and prejudiced against - because of their particular race.

  • Caucasian history is consumed and revolved around the oppression of numerous minority groups, greed and reinforcing violence to obtain lands from indigenous/minority groups.

  • Well that is kind of like saying all blacks were slaves. But that can't be, because there were black slave owners. Matter of fact, the very last slaves owner to free his slaves after the civil war, yeah he was black! Funny how people over look that.

  • The difference is that white people are the beneficiaries and controllers of a hegemonic system of dominance that has led them to positions of privilege over other minorities.

    That is why we don't need White Entertainment Channel. 99% of the channels are already white and owned and operated by white people. .

  • Well damn I must be a minority because i don't own s***. Oh wait, neither do millions of other white people. Well s***, guess that blows your explanation all to h***.
    You forget, we're not all part of the 1 percenters who control everything. Which coincidentally has black people in that group. So I guess that really blows your explanation away.

  • Virtue-signaling wypipo who scream the loudest are almost always sheltered naive middle class suburbanites. They've had easy but not big-time luxurious upbringings, so they think their glide through life is what everyone else has experienced too. (People poorer than them don't count and are strongly ignored.) THEY had privilege, so ALL white people are OBVIOUSLY privileged. They are willfully deaf to any white person's testimony stating otherwise, and will just repeat the rhetoric they got off of Tumblr and Reddit louder and louder until they've shouted down or dismissed everyone who disagrees with them.

  • ^ the unspoken truth no one will discuss, and the open secret SJWs do NOT want you to think about ^

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