Whites are discrimated against and people think its normal

I kinda look white but im not actually white, but people are so racist towards white people and they don't realize it. They say all whites are racist and have prejudice towards them while unaware that they are being hypocrites. One of my friends said that she saw me and was like oh this guys white and was like freaking out and stuff but she wasn't sure and one day I was like oh yea I'm not actually white but the census changed my race and stuff and grouped me up with the whites and was like ur white!?!?! and then like became cold. everyone's like oh I hate whites whites should die chalk children and s*** because they are racist and slaves and like some whites are like brainwashed into thinking that all this is ok and my white teacher said its impossible to be racist towards white people and I'm like wtf. This actually needs to stop and like one of my friends are half white and like he might be like 0.1% german but he's not sure and then everyone called him a n*** and stuff. I sent this message in a confessions account and the comments were like clowning on me calling me chalk children, colonizers, and etc. and then like soon after the owner made a post with the description saying we support hating white "people" like wtf

29 days

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  • I'm not prejudice I hate EVERYONE!

  • White supremacy is now being blamed for every bad thing that happens in America today. The department of Justice and FBI are using their bought and paid for news and social media outlets to push this crap daily.
    These liberal morons running the show have no clue. Take for instance the group called the "Proud Boys". They are described daily as "white supremacists". Former (or current) leader of the Proud Boy organization is a man named Enrique Tarrio. And guess what he is 'Afro/Cuban". NOT WHITE!

  • Very true. White people are being for every single ill in the United States. Status of George Floyd (a lifelong criminal and thug) are being erected as statues of Washington and Lincoln are being torn down.
    It is not just legal, but encouraged, to riot, burn and loot if you do it under the idea of "social justice". From Michael Brown, George Floyd and many other black criminals are taking the offense against police. When they break the law and under the threat of arrest they simply turn to violence and attack police officers. And our politicians praise them for it, pay them money and even send police officers to jail for doing their job.
    We are living in bizarro world.

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