Racism in Hollywood

Just watched the Resident on Fox where they tried to say the old white OB doctor was racist. He wasn't racist, he was complacent. There is a difference, but leave it up to liberal Hollywood to make a statement about racism because it was a white doctor and a black person. Get a clue people, not everything is about racism.

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  • I watched that episode too. They showed how quickly people jump to the conclusion that other people are racist just because he asked the Indian doctor how long he had been in the country. From that point the Indian assumed the white doctor was racist. They showed how easily the younger generation becomes offended over meaningless questions.

  • So if a white person makes any kind of assumption-- or doesn't, even-- they're racist. But if a non-white makes assumptions, they're not?

    And these beliefs are based on....... huh. The color of people's skin. How about that.
    That sure sounds an awful lot like racism.

    Oh, but it's not!!! Not if it's a non-white person doing it!

    I lean liberal, but will not align myself with liberals in a lot of things and this is one of them. Double standards effectively keep everyone mad and yelling without resolving a damn thing, especially not the original issue.

  • Get a clue MAGAT, not everyone who thinks racism is overplayed is a liberal. Speaking of "liberal Hollywood", how's your old-- very, very old-- friend who mutters at empty chairs?

  • You need to stop taking drugs.
    "not everyone who thinks racism is overplayed is a liberal" quite the opposite of what the OP was saying. Your statement would have made more sense had you used conservative instead of liberal. The last part of your comment made no sense at all.

  • It "made no sense at all" because MAGATS have very selective memory. That is very obviously a reference to Clint Eastwood. Every Trump humper has conveniently "forgotten" that embarrassment, but the rest of us haven't-- including the internet.

  • Did your reading comprehension get crapped out with your last Dorito bender, neckbeard?

  • It would have made more sense if you weren't on drugs, hypocrite :D

  • Most people who cry about racism from whites, and claim there is white privilege, are in fact liberal.

  • Not exactly a news flash there, Sparky.

  • Owen Wilson is a failed suicidee

  • Nig.gers are the racist ones,especially that w**** jada pinket smith.

  • Ignorance is EVERYWHERE!

  • Especially in the non-white races. All hail the supreme Aryan Race!!!!!!!

  • ^ There's a damn fine example of ignorance now.
    Thanks for stepping up. Now kindly go step into traffic.

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