. . . when I m********* I am able to work myself up to a point where I can e******** only one or two drops of my seed and then hold the rest back for later. I am 62 years old now and has been wanking since I was 5. My wife lost interest in s** after the birth of our son 28 years ago and since then I have to w*** every day to get relief from my constant l***.
I think I have perfected the art of wanking and can keep it up for hours at times.
Our maid caught me in the act one Saturday morning when my wife was out shopping. She unexpectedly came into the bedroom where I was busy. At first she appeared to be embarrassed and quickly left the room, but after a few minutes she returned and peeped through the crack in the half-open door where she stood watching untill I shot my load. Then it became a ritual on Saturday mornings. We would wait for my wife to leave and then I would indicate that iIm going to the bedroom. After a few minutes she would come down the hall to take her place at the door and watch me play and perform with my 8 inch d***.
Last Saturday before I went in I invited her to come into the room, but she said: "Later . . . ."

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  • 62.....inviting maid..later....artist at wanking...hahahahaha....i know this is going nowhere...

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