Surprised by brother

I came home from work early and found my brother naked wanking in my bedroom, sometimes he checks on my flat,he was that scared he grabbed his clothes and went to the bathroom to get dressed,what he left on the bed was a picture of me and before i could speak to him he left,days past without seeing him so messaged him to come round to chat,never looked at him that way before but now it's all i thought about,he told me it was a fantasy of his to sleep with me for 10 years,I asked if he was hard when he said yes i told him to go in my room and do what he would do if i was out,I waited a minute and followed watching by the door as he wanked his big d*** facing me,I just stood there didn't even help but that didn't stop him as he c**,that was 2 days ago and he's coming round tomorrow and i can't stop thinking about wanking him off myself,I no guys like doing it with knickers.

Feb 9, 2020

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  • Good girl. How old are you both ?
    Are you.hairy ?
    I love a hairy f****.

  • If you love your brother, you will do this for him and make it as memorable as possible. Let him feel you raw, bare and unprotected. No, he should not c** inside you, but you two owe it to each other to feel the purity in the connection at least once.

  • Hi, there is no her brother will pull out. I know when it was my first s** with my sister there was no chance of me pulling out, luckily she didn't get pregnant!

  • Never pull out justcum in her

  • Hi, it's no surprise to me that your brother is interested in you and if your being honest with yourself, you are now interested in him. Take my advice put condoms in your bedroom ( unless you are on the pill ) and do what comes naturally. I've been sexually involved with my sister and always used protection so there is no unwanted pregnancies just s**. It's the best feeling in the world and you form an amazing connection. What are you waiting for? ;)

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