You are you. No one else is you or know better than you what you really want to do. There are no guidelines for truth or good life outside yourself. Therefore you must believe in nothing outside yourself and also at the same time be true to yourself, the authentic being you are. What this is is and means is up to each individual to know and decide for themselves. The purpose of this manifesto is to free people from the ** of dogmas and/or rational constructs for the emancipation of the authentic subject within. A subject might for example see their own subjectivity to be in essence illusory based on different interpretations of materialism or spiritualism, and this would still be what the authentic nihilist manifesto seeks to achieve, if the being in question sees this to be their own authentic truth and not for example implemented by belief from the outside. Others might see their authentic subjectivity to be unique like snowflakes or fingerprints, others as conglomerates constructed from common materials with no inherent uniqueness, or as manifestations of spiritual archetypes or the like. An authentic nihilist might want to learn as a student from another and see in different beings also differences in fundamental skills and abilities, which results in a vision of a vertical hierarchy of power among beings. Hierarchy might also be seen by an authentic nihilist to be a linear or a specialist type of hierarchy, in which an expert on a field, for example shoemaker, has more authority on the subject of shoemaking than those who do not possess his expert knowledge or skill on the subject. An authentic nihilist might also see in every being an inherent state of sovereignty which can only be corrupted when learning from another, or otherwise see every being as being fundamentally equal and as a corollary see all hierarchies as having no foundation in reality and therefore needing to be abolished. Authentic nihilist manifesto bows down to no political or moral agenda. Let nihilism with genuine subjectivity be the highest law! Long live the genuine subject!

This text (written by Johnny Synaesthetic) intends itself for viral freeware - distribution on the Internet for the purpose of awakening genuine subjectivity among the members of the human race.

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  • Wow I wish half a dozen philosophers said all of this first.....

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