I have a question to ask. I just read

I have a question to ask. I just read a confession stating that there is no god, and we all know there are many different views on that subject. But I was just wondering would if the Bible was correct. I'm just asking would if every single event and happening recorded in the Bible was true. If so me and just about everybody on this site would be doomed to H***.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ Well, if some anonymous poster on the Internet says that a collection of mistranslated and bastardized old stories written by 100 anonymous people is TRUE, then it MUST be!

  • There is a God. Just ask yourself, "Where did the universe come from?" God! The universe didn't just pop into being. The eternal God--the Lord--He made it all.

    The Bible is true. The prophecies in it are true. It was written by 40-some authors over a 1600 year period in 3 languages and it has one consistent message: there is a God! Even just reading it, it seems to have a divine feel to it. Even non-Christian scholars recognize that the words have been preserved accurately.

    The full message of the Bible is this: there is a God who is both loving and holy, and He offers us salvation and forgiveness when we believe by faith in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for us. He basically took the punishment that we deserve, standing in our place. You simply and sincerely accept Jesus as your Saviour by praying to God something along the lines of this: "Dear God, please forgive me. I'm a sinner. I accept Jesus as my Saviour. Help me to live my life for You." And now that you've become His child, you act like it, by going to church and living as a true follower of His.

    The above prayer is not a magic formula you recite. It's about a relationship with God, beginning with receiving His forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

    The Bible and a few other non-Biblical references point to Jesus as a real person who lived. Whether you treat Him as a myth or normal person versus as the Son of God who truly died for our sins will affect your eternal future. Believe in Him and know Him! It's not a cliche: Jesus really does love you! The classic verse still holds true--see the Bible book called John, chapter 3, verse 16 for further reading. You can look it up online in 10 seconds! Just google "John 3:16".

    May the Lord bless you.

  • hey what ever happened to SiteShrink anyway? He doesn't post anymore.

  • Everyone except SiteShrink

  • Not everything in the Bible can be true because it's so self-contradicting. It was written by dozens of different people over thousands of years, and even though they didn't have LSD back then I think some of them must have been pretty spaced out.

  • Got Proof? Got God? Got Milk?

  • I believe in God, and the bible. However, I do not believe all the stories in the bible are true events. I think the stories are more like moral guidines.

  • i believe in God. at least i think i do. i have doubts sometimes.

    i think about that too. how everyone i know cheats and lies and things like that.

    but then i think, what if everything in the Bible is false? like what if God is like the biggest scam ever?

    i guess we wont find out until we die.

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