I went on my facebook account and vulgarly insulted every single person I disliked. Then I told everyone that my account got hacked. Feels good.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Brilliant!

  • Awesome.

  • This is efin halarious

  • ive done it and it felt sooooooooooooooo f***** good all them b****** got what they deserverd.

  • I've gotta try that one since I was planning about deleting my facebook account anyway.

    You've just made my day friend :)

  • bro i did this to my old account i opened it up sent hate and liked this b****** status about having a bad day and told her to go die then deleted it but now i'm in trouble with my exbf for mssging his gf. oops.

  • oh.my.god. u are a genius! im soo gonna do that! thank you, thank you, THANK YOU.

  • L****

  • is your name alexandra berger??

  • You, my friend, are a b***** genius, I love your work and I so need to try it, you are an awesome person, thank you.

  • Indeed I must try it as well... I will use IP hider so that facebook thinks it's someone in Russia posting, then I will tell the truth to THOSE PEOPLE who deserve it.

  • OMG THATS GOLD!!! love your work!! I think a friend of mine that lives in the US did that as she said her facebook got hacked and the hacker sent a horrid message to her ex boss! As if! I didn't believe her! Who hacks facebook and specifically picks out the ex boss hmmmm. Still really funny though :)

  • u, my friend, r bomb

  • hahahahahah...nice.

  • haha! ive done something similar...

  • ^ You forgot to add, "who is in conspiracy with illegal immigrants and the media to bring Islam and Communism to America..."

  • How is that in anyway related to this post?

  • You must be a self hating white left wing liberal.

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