my husband is a cheat!

i just confirmed that my husband is sleeping with his secretary! he such an ingrate, just want to kill them both.
should i confront him? should i confront the b**** he is f******?

Jul 8, 2010


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  • Seek advice from a divorce lawyer,without his knowledge and act normal around him in the meantime,so he doesn't suspect anything.Whilst doing so,get the divorce papers.Whilst he's at work,pack your belongings and essentials.Leave the divorce papers for him to see,with a lovely note stating; you've been served b****!

  • Make LOVE
    Not WAR

  • I'd tell your husband the doctor called and said the test was positive for genital warts.

  • Have a heart, babe.
    Rather confront them as to why you're not included in a 3-some

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