So Jealous and Angry

The other day I came home early from work and as I walked past the front of my house, I could see through the curtain that our new neighbor - a black man - was on the couch with my wife. He was sucking her b******. She still had her pants on, just her shirt and bra off. I wasn't even man enough to confront them; I just stepped back a few feet and called my wife to tell her I left early from work and was on my way home. I saw the man go running out of the house.

I am so jealous and angry, yet so aroused that I hate myself, especially for not even being man enough to confront them about what I had seen.

I don't think she has let him in her panties yet, but I guess I wouldn't be surprised if she already let him f*** her.

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  • Yawn, another fake 'confession'? I'm done with this s***** site. Get laid you f****** losers and stop posting some gay ass s*** like this. FFS visit a p*** site.

  • Wow, someone is off their meds. It very well might be fake, but it seems with over a thousand views, people are curious about the confession.

  • WTF? You a selfish and inconsiderate p****. Your wife is just being a little neighborly and you interrupt her generous act and then you trash her? F*** you. You should be proud of her for being so generous and offering a neighbor a little love. Nothing wrong with that,and no worse than letting a neighbor borrow a little sugar.

    And then you scare the neighbor so much he runs out of the house. What kind of s*** is that? You should have been a gentleman and allowed your wife and the neighbor to consummate. And you know if you'd been f****** a neighbor you wouldn't want your wife being the selfish spoiler.

    Get over yourself!

  • That is horrible. Cheaters are the worst people. If I find myself a boyfriend of any sort, I expect them to be respectful, honest, and loving. Only when I know I can trust them fully will I have s** with them.

    And if they betray my trust...I have a cheese grater.

  • You married a w****...welcome to the divorce the b**** and find a good woman.

  • You probably aren't cutting it in the bedroom. Plus you must of liked watching her get her t*** sucked on. She must have nice big suckable t***.

  • You think maybe she with him because she wants to be handled by a man. Maybe if you confront her she will respect you. All one needs to do is look at the number of unwed baby-mommas running around to know how most black men treat women. Sorry to tell you but maybe your wife is with him because she knows you're a whimp.
    Act like a man and tell that b**** what you really think, maybe it's what she wants.
    But, if you don't confront that black b******, then you can guarantee he's going to try and get her again. You want to touch your wife after she blows him? Be a self respecting white man and deal with this or know that she wil be f****** him in YOUR bed.

  • You have to divorce the f****** c***, man. Seriously, divorce her m************ ass. F****** around with a N*****?! Seriously? F*** that man. You ned to get the f*** out of that marriage. Your wife is a m************ c***.

  • I think you should encourage her dating a black man. My wife dates a black man. She was frustrated by our s** life. We knew a mutual friend that started to "date" her. She will go out and come home from the date, and then she gives the look that I should sleep in the guest room. I have watched her get f*****, and never heard someone scream like that. She has been a lot happier, and it actually helped our relationship.

  • Well....I know what I would do. I would beat the f*** out of him and divorce her. Just be sure to have a small voice recorder in your pocket when you tell her what you saw. That will be a slam dunk in divorce court.

    Good luck, and sorry you married a s***.

  • That sucks. You need to comfront her or forever f*** her with a condom. A family member of mine died from Aids because their spouse was f****** around and gave it to them. Not a good way to go out.

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