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I have a girlfriend, been with her almost 17 years. Her younger brother, like 7 years younger has a f****** b**** girlfriend. Anyway I got in a fight with my girlfriend, said a few things I probably shouldn't have said. She later told her brothers girlfriend. Now this b**** is mad at me for what I said. It had nothing to do with her at all. Now she, brothers girlfriend, won't talk to my girlfriend because of this. She's such a p****, won't confront me. I'm waiting for it. It's been a few weeks and she's just avoiding me. She's a alcoholic. Gets drunk and then gets slutty. I heard stories about her and she's no f****** angel. Why come at me when your life is f***** up too. Deal with your own s*** and leave me the f*** alone. You are not going to break me!!

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  • For someone who says they don't care what the brother's girlfriend thinks or says.. you do. If you spend this much time thinking about it and then felt compelled to write a post about it, it's very clear that you do. Why is she getting to you? What I don't understand is if your gf shared with her what happened with your fight, why is she no longer talking to your gf? What was said? Can you elaborate? If she confronts you, what do you want to happen? What's the desired outcome? The thing is your gf and her brother have to get along and it would be nice if their significant others can put aside their differences to get along. So you say you've heard she's a s*** and she's an alcoholic..why are those your problems? Aren't those situations the she and the brother would need to deal with? And you hear stories..that's not fact. Are there stories/gossip/rumours about you that you're not proud of out there in the world? You both have one thing in common..you're both passive aggressive. If you want to work it out, be man and talk with her. It doesn't have to be confrontation. It may not even be completely resolved. Keep in mind, that you don't exactly know why she's mad. People hear what they want to hear and take away from conversations what benefits them. Really, it is surprising how people interpret conversations. You also don't know if the brother is feeding her negative things about you. But this is probably one of those relationships that may never be close but maybe the goal is just to work it out for the sake of who you both are involved with and your futures family gatherings. It may a good lesson, that your gf not share fights you two have with her and choose another friend if she must do that. It takes a lot of energy to spend hating someone/something when you can use that for something more constructive.

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