My Mom Hates My Religion

My mother really hates my religion.
I was baptized catholic, but I never belonged to a Catholic church. I have always been Christian, going to Sunday school like a good little girl, until my parents got divorced. I still continued to go to Sunday school because I had friends there until I was in 7th grade. Then, with my dad's girlfriend (then of 2 years), we joined a Moravian church near where she lives (45 mins away). His girlfriend is really nice, and him and her are really into spiritual things, mostly the religion Wicca. I learned how to be a witch and conduct spells (which have always worked), and I am now an official witch.
But my mom hates it.
I helped her do two spells, but she doesn't follow the rules, and she keeps them in doubt. They'll never happen if you think negatively.
She says it's nonsense, you can't believe in God and believe in witchcraft. That's only PART of it. I believe in the whole natural beings thing, maybe possibly fairies, and that we all have an animal spirit.
She hates my religion, so I can never talk about it to her.
I used to be close to her, but we just keep getting further and further away.
I wish we could be as close together as when my parents were together, and we spent the days together playing tennis and her teaching me how to play.
I wish I could still go to her tennis tournaments and eat the free food and laugh at the A team.
I wish we could be close, but my religion put a barrier that I never wanted there.

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  • Abra Cadaver !

  • I want to learn to be able to be a real witch.i have seen and done some awesome things with my powers but never truly used a spell really.

  • Good luck finding a community, online or IRL. The witches (not fluffy little wiccans) I've met have been, in nearly every instance, impoverished social pariahs with *humongous* chips on their shoulders. I can understand being reserved, but they take it to "high school girl clique" levels.

    It doesn't help that most of them either have some kind of mental illness or consider themselves too precious to conduct themselves with any kind of decency-- think SJW or "Indigo child."

  • Looks like I'm in a weird reception spot, since I ended up double-posting (sort of). Well, what I have to say bears repeating. People hear the word "witch" and either think "satan worshipper" or "wise woman." The reality is that they are neither.

  • Good luck finding a decent community, either online or IRL. Real witches (not fluffy little wiccans) are thorny people who are even more cliquish than high school girls. With precious few exceptions, the ones I've met have all been social pariahs with chips on their shoulders the size of Buicks.

  • My mum hates me for my belief in witchcraft and wanting to. E a witch she called me crazy and deranged and telling me to stop believing! 😭😭😭

  • Religion is f****** bullshit you moron


  • Been pagan for 2 years now (best thing I have ever done with my life) the further into that stuff you get the more you start to tap into natural abilities see spirits the astral plains act...It can be a beautiful or even scary experience.
    Spells have always worked for me as well. at first my mother wasn't as supportive of my beliefs until she saw the things I did worked and a bunch of other strange coincidences that happened that she had seen that led her to relies my beliefs were real and spells and collective consciousness do exist. I do believe in god but I don’t think he is as merciful as everyone says he is. The last time I prayed was in the hospital I told him to go ahead and prove himself afterwards my body locked up to the point where I couldn’t move or walk so the nurse had to give me drugs to knock me out. All I have to say is that a group of people who believe in pregnant virgins and people turning into pillars of salt who don’t believe in magic seems kind of strange to me. Also I refuse to offer up my soul to any kind of deity or astral being in general as it NOT a good sign. I mean allot of people talk about going up to heaven and all but no one really asks what happens to your soul when it gets there, anything that wants to get hold of your soul like that forever period sounds like bad news to me.

  • go where you can find GOD!!
    in your heart

  • i experienced the same thing..

    i wonder why catholic needs to closed their ears...and understanding..

    religion doesn't mean anything
    we need a personal relationship with
    God.. i don't want to argue and to explain
    everything when they won't listen..

    much better if you have your own decisions

  • I've been Wiccan for 14 years. My parents still don't accept it. You can't change the way you see the world because someone else doesn't like it.

  • Faith is not religion. Keep it to yourself and if other seek to judge you for your faith, but not getting it from one certain religion, f*** them. Silent treatment.

  • I'm also Christian, and while I don't agree with your beliefs, I also don't agree with your mother pushing you away because of them. If talking about your religion upsets your mom and you'd like to be closer to her, maybe you could try simply avoiding the topic of Wicca, and talk to her about how close the two of you aren't. You grew up with the Christian belief, so you understand that your mom truly believes that you will not get into heaven if you've lost your belief in Christ so completely. She shouldn't push you away, but when she acts out at the mention of magical creatures and witchcraft and spells, she's just being a mom.

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