My mom died 2 months ago today.
Everyone was so sad that after battling leukemia for a year she finally passed away.
She fought so hard they all said at her funeral.
Guess no one knows she told me she wanted to kill herself the day before the found her dead on the couch

I am 17 years old female, recently homeless
I wonder everyday why i wasn't enough for her to want to live.
Because without her i definatly don't want to live

Jul 8, 2010

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  • I almost drown when I was surfing one day. I drove to mothers in need of a serious hug. I was hysterical! She just bitched at me for missing church. Sometimes I wonder why she couldn't have just been there for me. I can't go on knowing she doesn't care. She's still alive and her voice is a reminder that I'm not enough. On a weird level I know your pain

  • To both of you; depression is all consuming and although you dont know it now, you will miss so much if you succeed in taking your lives

    I apologise for your loss OP, i recently lost my mother as well an it is painful, i find myself calling her to tell her something only to realise the line is disconnected. It is like losing a piece of your soul that you never truly get bacl- but you learn to move around it. It gets better day by day. Just keep holding on.

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