i cut

I don't know why I like slicing my skin and seeing the blood ooze out but I feel I need punished for keeping it so quiet about what he did to me. Seeing the blood is like seeing the sin leave my body, its become an addiction which I can't break out of and now I need help

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  • I used to do it and telling is the hardest part.
    I was scared because everyone thinks its a "attention problem" but its not. And people will try to make it seem like your mentally ill your not.
    Tell someone you know loves you unconditionally.
    Every time you have a bad thought try thinking the opposite and know that's your amazing in a lot of ways thing about the positives.

  • step one - tell someone what he did to you. Even if it's just a stuffed animal or the fish in the fishtank. Saying it out loud will help you to deal. Getting emotional is ok.

    Step two - it's so hard to stop cutting because the pain is a wonderful manifestation of emotion that you haven't allowed yourself to feel completely. The only way to stop is little by little. If you cut twice a day, try a day going only once. If you cut 5 times a week, try 4. It's slow, but it will help.

    Step three - realize you do NOT deserve to be punished for being quiet. it's a choice made, like anyone else can make a choice about anything. you had your reasons and at the time I'm sure it seemed rational. You did exactly what you were supposed to do - you survived. You don't need to be punished if you've been violated. It's not your fault.

    You can't rewrite the past, but the future will be what you make it. Try to feel. Try to feel without cutting. Talking to someone helps - if you have a bff, now's the time to use him or her.

    You'll get there, but you need to forgive yourself. You didn't do anything wrong.

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