I cut ... Alot . Nobody knew for years until my mom found out a few months ago . Since then , I have been to a mental hospital countless times on suicide watch . I cut to LIVE , not to die . ( Although I have attempted suicide six or seven times ) I have scars from my wrists to my elbows , and from my knees to my hips . Every time I see them , it reminds me of how good it felt to put it there . I need about 500 to feel something , because i have been doing it so long . I love the sight of blood ... I don't stop slicing until there is a puddle of the hot crimson liquid all over the floor . I started with razor blades , then went to utility blades , then Xacto knives . I make the edges jagged and flared , so I bleed more and they don't heal as fast . I was able to stop for so long and now I'm back in full swing of it , and loving every drop of blood shed ...

Jun 8, 2015

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  • So are you dead yet, or do we have to keep hoping?

  • I also cut like a lot my entire body is covered in scars and new cuts. if you only do it to see the blood then your doing it for the wrung reason if you want to see blood go to a blood bank or go to a hospital they have plenty of blood for you .

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