I chase blood drives

People think I like donating blood because I like to help people, but in reality I do it because I want to get rid of a part of myself. To me, donating blood filters out bad emotions and things I don't like about myself. I personally see it as an almost vampirical obsession because I think the blood holds so much of my personality, which I know is foolish.

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  • You're delusional. While saving peoples lives is admirable doing it for your reason smacks of an emotional disorder.

    Incidentally Jesus of Nazereth can't help you because he doesn't exist. Keep giving blood for whatever reason and don't listen to some idiot of a Jehovahs Witness.

  • You're close to the truth than you think. Why do you think the Bible says "Abstain from blood", and, "the life is in the blood"? Ask Jesus Christ of Nazareth to save you.

  • That sounds like the plot to an amazing story.

  • I am hearing it for the first time ,that donating blood filters your emotions well i do not think people will like to have the bad part of you.

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