Came out, rejected by Mom

Before graduating high school, I had a serious relationship with another guy. He used to be my best friend, and I guess you could say we became bi together. I think what we had was beautiful, but it didn't last.\nMy mom left my dad because he stood up for me, and now she won't talk to me. It's so messed up. I hurt so bad because I am who I am, but she won't love me. I'm supposed to start college soon, but I'm so not motivated because of this crap. I want to disappear... I don't want to hurt like this anymore

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  • Don't let ppl bring u down for who u are, be strong! <3

  • Don't listen to these jerks who tell you not to be who you are. Enjoy your life and live it to it's fullest. Your mom already knows and nothing can change that. Just continue to be yourself and if she's a real mother, she'll accept you again. If not, I see no difference between her and those mothers who leave their babies in the dumpster. Why? Because you needed her and she obviously doesn't care enough to be a good mother to you in your time of need. IMO the goal of any parent should be to make sure their child 1. Grows up to be a responsible self respecting adult who can stand up strong for their beliefs and 2. Grows up happy and satisfied with their own life and choices. It seems your mom DID succeed there because you are on the right path to both of those, however, her opinions shouldn't directly influence yours. That's how hatred is passed, whether it be a hatred towards an individual for their race, religion or lifestyle choices or hatred towards anything really. It's your life, not your mothers.

  • Follow your heart. If your mum can't accept you for who you are then that's her problem. You have a loving father who accepts you. Live your life how you want to.

  • don't worry hon. go to a liberal college. you'll find plenty more just like you and you'll come to realize that your mom just doesn't know what to do.

    "and this above all, to thine own self be true..."

    embrace who you are.

  • It is time to man up. You know it is wrong to be sexual with someone of the same s**. It is not "who you are" it is something that you did. Now get your s*** together, man up and turn away from that conduct. It won't be easy but it can be done. Now go and do the right thing.

  • Man up? Is that what we call hard headed, unreasonable, judgemental people like you? Men? Puh-leeze, intolerant pain in the neck people like you are part of the major issues involving our world. Why don't you head over seas with the rest of the extremists and continue to blow yourselves up? It'll be interesting to see what's waiting for you when you meet your maker to be judged. I'm guessing you won't much care to be on the receiving end of your attitude. This person doesn't need to "man up" you need to grow up and start looking at yourself for improvements.

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