i am so miserable

i love my boyfriend. but everyday im miserable. i am so affectionate with him. he isnt on his own. to get affection i have to give it to him first. we've been together for 5yrs now and nothings changed. i believe love true love makes every person affectionate. we've broken up bc of my anger issues but im better now. this is an issue i bring up often. the fact he isnt affectionate. he wont f****** change! every time we had broken up we got back together less than a month. i believe he is soulmate. Im 19 hes 21. does anyone agree with me about being affectionate or tell me how im wrong. I feel miserable with him bc i am like a wall to him. When he's not around im fine. Oh and he in 5yrs has never made a call on his own except to say hes on his way over. I feel as if ive got a lousy bf. But hes never cheated that i know of. Help

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