Think I Made a Mistake

My husband and I have been together for three years now. Being married 4 months of those three years. We should still be in the honey moon phase but that feeling was long gone before we even said I do. I love him to death and he goes above and beyond for myself and our children. However, I find myself in constant depression because of him. I am a very affectionate person and he is not. So we rarely spend any real time together besides when we have s**. Even then he pulls up his pants and proceeds to return to whatever he was doing before we started. I even wake up some mornings and he is in his recliner sleep with the tv on. I feel like I made a mistake by wanting to get married. I knew he was like this before he proposed but we had talked about it and things were getting better. Now it's like he doesn't even care. I know I know I should talk to him about it but we have had this conversation so many times before that I just don't want to have it again. He claims to know me like the back of his hand but if he did wouldn't he know how I feel. Am I wrong for not wanting to spend the rest of my life begging for attention from the one person who should give it to me on his own.It is so easy to find someone to give me the attention I seek but that's not a path I want to take but at times that seems like the only option.


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  • If he was like this before you got married then you new what you got yourself into . People are in such a hurry to get married why ? You just wasted all the money down the drain .
    You can't change a person they are what they are

  • Has he ever showed affection? Or did you think he would change once you were married? Does he show affection towards the kids? So Yes, your husband does sound way less affectionate than you. And you may have to constantly remind him how you need him to be, since he may not be totally capable to do this on his own. And maybe you really need to figure out a way to spend quality time together. But you could find that this issue you're experiencing could occur in any relationship you have. And an affair may cause more problems than solve what is going on. So have to ask are you being too needy? It may be also that what's that attention you're searching for is actually something lacking/missing within you. Filling a void, not happy, insecurities etc....instead of you fixing the issue, you look outside.

  • This happened with my ex. You can become comfortable in a relationship and not even know that the other person is struggling. You can either tell him how you feel and try to work it out (which, from my experience is only temporary) or fulfill your desires elsewhere if you don't want a divorce. If you choose the latter, send me a shout at lpfc905 @ hotmail .com

    As I said, I've been through your situation before.

  • Another alternative is to have an affair. You'd be amazed how much that helps your outlook about life and about love, even if the outside relationship is just about s**, it can change your attitude about so many things. I highly recommend it.

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