I think something wrong with me. I'm 15 and for every little thing my family does for me I feel insanely guilty about it.

Last year, every tuesday my Mom drove me 20 minutes to my dance studio. I felt so guilty for making her drive me there.
This year My Mom will get off work early and drive me straight from school to dance every Wednesday, I feel so horrible.

The guilt has gotten worse lately, everytime my Mom does laundry for me I feel horrible for making her do extra work because of me.

Everytime my Dad buys me a book at Barnes and Noble I feel like I don't deserve it.

Everytime my Parents give me money for mowing the lawn or whatever I feel the guilt again.

Everytime my parents spend money on me I feel like a horrible person.

And the list goes on and on.

Somethings wrong with me.

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  • Just because u feel super guilty DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE A BAD PERSON. you may not be doing anything wrong or bad, they are your parents they love u, they are supposed to do those things for u... they want to do it. you are probly just a really nice kid who is a natural giver not a taker. try talking with them and telling them how u feel, and if u would feel better by doing things and favors for them in return, tell them.

  • Are you a bad daughter?
    Are you having s** and not telling your parents?
    Do you steal their money?
    Do you not like your parents?
    You have to be doing something bad that makes you feel guilty because they seem to do a lot for you.

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