I miss my boyfriend

So this is my first post yay! Lol anways. I'm 19 and I'm in a 8 month (almost 9) relationship with my FIRST boyfriend. Because I've never experienced love from a guy before I am having all these new feelings and experiences. We aren't long distance. He's only 13min away, but I guess I'm in that faze where everytime we leave eachother I become sad and start to miss him, sometimes I cry too. Tbh our relationship kinda feels like a long distance relationship but without the distance. I see him probably 3 times a week because work or his mom needs him for some stupid reason. (Mom treats him like a house Slave but that's a whole different story) so idk how to cope. He misses me too but I don't wanna be clingy and be that girlfriend who always wants to be around him. It's just frustrating I feel like this everytime we leave. Any advice?

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  • He fooling u mother need him my hole u tel him ur wet every evening and if he dont f*** u someooe wil

  • You're gross. Seriously, read what you wrote. Cope? What? Text him and chat when you're apart like normal people. Stop being a whiny needy bitchh.

  • Also, he needs to man up and get b**** and stand up to his mother if what you're saying is true. You don't want a man if he can't even stand up to his mama. Total pansy.

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