I'm 11 and I'm depressed

I'm depressed. I'm only 11. Although I am 11 I am still kinda mature. I don't really know why I am depressed. All I know is that I don't think I am good enough for anything. Today me and my friends got into a fight. We fight a lot. But everytime we fight I always end it but saying I'm worthless. What's wrong with me? Depression......
Well let me think.....my dad he is awesome. He is a awesome dad! Why oh why am I depressed!
My mom....she was gonna commit suicide cause of me. She and dad were gonna divorce cause of me.
My friends.....everytime I have friends it's always fighting and fighting and fighting.
My boyfriend.....he and me barely speak.....

All I know is I suck. I wish I didn't.

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  • Poor you, you shouldn't have to go through this alone. Please talk to your dad or your teachers or doctor or child line. There is a lot of support out there but you need to open up and talk to a responsible person about this first. Please do it asap for your own good.

  • Thank you for the actual supportive advice. I wanted help and you tried. Really grateful.

  • I'm depressed too and I'm only 4.

  • Let me get your knickers off and make u happy, my step dau is 4 and I make her VERY happy!

  • I've read some of the comments and understand some might sound a bit mean and age discriminative. I'm 14 and I have a similar situation at home. My mom always threatens to leave or kill herself and once she even told me to kill myself. It may be a bit difficult to reach for professional help but maybe try and talk to it with some close friends? I find this site quite useful to let things out honestly. And if you don't talk much with your boyfriend, I say leave him, get yourself a boost of self esteem because a relationship without communication is just non-existent.

  • Thanks for being supportive. And will you be okay?

  • Get off this website, it's for your own benefit!

  • You can't tell me what to do because you know nothing about me.
    Just kill yourself.

  • Yeah, You really shouldn't be on this website.

  • You are not my parents so you should mind your business.

  • Get off!

  • F*** off!

  • Keep it up and I will strangle you!!

  • Your 11? You need to get off the internet. The internet is no place for someone who is depressed. Go outside, play on the windmill or something.

  • Uh ye I would but I can’t since it’s unsafe since there’s a guy that hates us in another apartment building, and I’m not 3 so Windwills aren’t entertaiting. Thanks for the supportive advice.

  • You're, not "Your"

  • "Your"? Is English your second language?

  • Being 11 you are not responsible for the adults around you. your friends might be a different story, but the thing about depression is there doesn't need to be a real reason. I've been depressed and suicidal before and the whole 'keep quiet and tough it out' routine does NOT make anything better.
    What you need is a change of scenery, support and possibly some medical intervention. Often the biggest cause is something we don't even consider a factor such as activity or sleeping schedule.
    The best advice you can get is to seek a youth worker, since they will be able to give you specific advice relevant to your situation.

  • Thank you

  • First of all , you are a beautiful, sensitive soul. You have value abd are worthwhile. Talk to a teacher, a counselor at school and they may be able to get you some support. You need the guidance and support of someone who's only business is to care about you.

    There are better sites than this one for an 11/12 year old. Although, you do sound mature beyond your years. Hang in there. You are not alone and you are loved. And you'll find many , like me , care about you - even without ever meeting you - and are rooting for you to find happiness and the sense of self worth you deserve.

    Good luck.

  • Thank you I’m really grateful

  • Seek professional help now. You are still young enough to stop it in it's tracks. Depression doesn't have to be a life or death sentence for you.

  • You are depressed because of your domestic problems. Try not to argue and let things go. Perhaps in time, you will feel better.

  • Thank you for the help

  • You are not responsible for another persons actions. You do not suck. Your mom can't handle life right now (who knows what her childhood might have been like). She needs professional help. Ask your dad if he can help her get some counseling. Prayers for you! You are a gift from god for the world.

  • Thanks for letting me see it in a better light

  • Get off this website, you're too young to be on it! There are other websites on the internet, that are more age appropriate for you. But this isn't one of them!

    There's numerous people who visit this website and submit - disturbed, psychologically dysfunctional, inappropriate and unlawful content. It's not safe for you to visit this website.

  • Thanks for the ‘supportive’ advice. Getting my off this website will definitely clear my depression

  • You're one of those people that posts depraved and immoral activities. You even brag about it.

  • You're wrong and apparently disturbed yourself, to suggest such things without knowing me! Don't project and transfer your own disgusting and diabolical desires, onto me! I am not you and don't wish to be! So f*** off and insult the appropriate people, not someone who genuinely cares about others, unlike your disgusting self!

  • Keep denying your sordid life and need to harm others to satisfy your disturbed l***.
    It makes you even sadder.
    The institutions are full of depraved people just like you and why you're not there yet is because you haven't been arrested or committed yourself yet.
    Why must you continue to be such an animal?

  • You may call it "sordid" but I consider it one of my alternative lifestyles.
    You don't know me or why I had to do that to all of them but I can assure you that you better not get in my way.

  • Like I said you are a depraved lunatic. The police need to run you down!

  • You sound like me at that age, you need to not take on board this blame stuff for others choices. could you suggest a counselling group family session? or church support? do some positive things and go to the gp for some tests to rule out medical reasons for depression. I take anti-depressants and so does my sister and about 15 million americans so get the positive help from your gp and psychologist and maybe from a church that can impact you in a positive way that life is worth living and you can overcome the s***** stuff.

  • Thank you for your help

  • You dont suck and i doubt your mom & dad were going to divorce because of you or your mom was going to commit suicide. you need to talk to someone at school, maybe a teacher you like.

  • She should suck at 11, if she was my daughter she would have sucked at 11 weeks never mind years

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