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Juss recent monday i had a drug test for basketball. right after that i smoked a blunt with my friend. then my coach text me and told me that i had to come back tomo to take another one. my plan was to use some other pee, but they sat there and watched you. i missed the cup on purpose then went to drank a whole lotta water. will it be diluted to where i have to take it again? fml:/

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  • if you pass then for future referfence when you know a drug test is coming dont smoke the week before and After.drink cranberry juice alot and exercise. now in a situation were its the next day then drink water and soak your fingers in bleach and then pee in your hands as to clean your p*** with your bleached soaked fingers. it works i had the same situation last year im a football player and it saved my ass. and to all you anti pot guys who think it dumbs you down i say this. im now freshman player on the washington huskies. i also scored an 850 on my SATS. NOW I DIDNT HAVE A TUTOR OR A RICH FAMILY. IM IN COLLEGE BECAUSE I WORK HARD. ALSO WEED ONLY DUMBS YOU DOWN IF YOU DUMB YOURSELF DOWN. PEOPLE BLAME WEED FOR THEIR OWN F*** UPS, i smoked weed since i was a freshman in high school. it made me better at writing and i also learned the guitar. i love smokin weed after practice theres nothin better than smokin weed after you just got crushed by a 350 lb lineman. its better Than any pain killer stick to weed

  • Pot stays in your system for awhile. Sounds like you smoke one too many blunts. Your priorities are all f***** up..not just your life. If you want to play basketball, then get clean. It obviously wasn't that important to you to stay on the team. But maybe this is for the best. Stop being such a f*** up. Stay in school and learn to spell. Juss..s/b Just.

  • It's your own fault if you get caught, and i'm pretty sure that it would take longer then a day no matter how much water you drink. I know lots of people that planned for weeks for their drug tests at work and it takes that long for a reason.... best idea though learn from this, take up ball when you can later and don't smoke dope!

  • If you want to succeed at something, why the h*** would you smoke pot, and waste away your dreams just for a momentary high, or to be "cool"? Idiot...

  • smoking pot doesnt make you uninspired or make you not go after what you want. maybe if you chilled out and smoked a blunt you would really know whats going on

  • yooo. i know many people whos in the pros that smoke weed. yall think weed is really bad. but u never hear ppl dying from it. well kid you have a 50/50 chance of passin it but i hope u learn from mistakes.

  • if u care about bball u wouldve nevrr risked it. if u pass take it asa second chance if u get caught fihht to change

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