Oh, Bestfriend

I told my best friend that I could fly. I opened my window one night and spread my wings, I knew she enjoyed it. ;) She stuck her knee up my ass and I nearly flew into the concrete sidewalk below. Once she and I watched Bruno, that was a P****. Nothing says sweet seventeen like a stupid p****. My best friend and I walked through a lightning storm to get to the reservoir. Once. We almost died. I was walking so far ahead of her, she could have died. We LOVE to play MW2. We are men, has to be. I'm the better friend, just don't tell her I said that. I find her hair, short, smooth and-oh wait we were talking about her hair on her head? Nevermind. Anyways, I think she has a crush on me. I'm so fat and attractive. She loved walking with me to Wendy’s in the middle of the night, because my family is too stingy to make a real dinner... or give me a car. Once, we talked about suicide... 'once' meaning all the time. We’re going to die together. Yeah we are... maybe hahaha. She loves it when I touched her giant ass. It's large. I want her b****, there HUGE. We are always talking nasty to each other, but not sexually active. I'm okay with that. She's not. I love you bestie. (: (: (:

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