A Surprise

I have been going with a wonderful lady for nearly a year now and we have started talking about getting a place together. But before we did she said she had to level with me. Initially she had told me that she worked in an office in London. But now she says that she acts in p**** movies, doing both guys and girls, often at the same time. She also fairly regularly does a group of blokes in bukkake sessions and that she is known for her deep-throat abilities. Now I have to say that it has been a bit of shock to know I am in love with Croydon's answer to Linda Lovelace, I can certainly say that her deep throating is something special and she is very comfortable with me coming on her face or in her mouth. She is also the first women that I have done up her back passage and she seems to get off on that more than the conventional way. Yes I know the signs were there but I just thought she was experienced. Apparently she learnt all this stuff from a very early age from her Mum and Dad, who got her in to the p*** industry. What should I do? I love this lady but I can't imagine coming home at night and asking what her day was like and she answering "I am absolutely shattered had to take 15 loads today, most of it down my throat. What about you, how was the garage?". Mercy me - advice please.

Oct 8, 2015

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  • Don't do it. It seems like fun and games at first, so sexy and hot. And it is. But within a few weeks, it gets old. She's always too tired to f***, or too sore, or she has to be rested and not swollen or sensitive for the next day's shoot, and she ALWAYS smells like c*** and c**, and neither one yours. And you will always wonder if the guys she talks to at the parties she drags you to are guys she's f****** for the job, or guys she's f****** for fun. But you will always know: whatever guy she's talking to or texting with, she's either already f****** him or soon will be f****** him. I know what I'm talking about. I made the mistake of moving one of these b****** in with me, and then I made the worse mistake of marrying her right away, thinking it would give her stability and keep her from straying and keep her from having to f*** for money. She was a stripper and an escort and she made videos (the really filthy disgusting kind) on the side. In addition to all the sexual intrigue that will be going on if you tie yourself to this b****, you also have to know that ALL of these nasty b****** are addicted to drama: there always has to be some plot or sub-plot going on in her life and the lives of all her friends, and they have to talk about that s*** ALL DAY AND NIGHT. It will be non-stop drama from the day you move her in until the day you move her out. So save yourself the trouble and the heartache, and dump the b**** now. Today. ASAP. Thank me later.

  • Yes, it's "A Surprise". But it's the best surprise possible! What to do? Put a ring on it!!!!!

  • She wants me to put a ring through it! Well f*** that.

  • She basically kept this information from you for over a year. Wonder what else she's not telling you. A couple of months okay. But she seems pretty proud of what she does, so why did not tell you before now? And if you weren't going to move in, when would she have told you this? Wait to move in with one another. There are other things that you two need to discuss. You don't seem super comfortable with this. By nature alone, most men can compartimentalize things. Sleep with women and not be emotionally attached. Women are not built that way. So it's interesting that she can sleep with a number of guys at work and then go home to you. You have to either accept what she does for a living or not. But it can't be one day it's great and think you can punish or make her feel bad for what she does. And consider, that although you may not like it, she may not stop working in p***. Are you okay with what your friends, family and co-workers may or may not think. Sure, that kind of thing shouldn't be anyone's business. But she is making public films and people are still judgy about these things. The other big concern would be disease. That is true for anyone in any relationship. But she is openly sleeping with people on a daily basis. Moving in can be the next step to marriage and kids. And if that's what you both want, you may want to discuss that indepth and what does that look like. How does her work play into that and her future. This isn't just cut and dry.

  • No we haven't been together over a year yet.
    You bet I ain't very comfortable with this, when I see her I don't really want to kiss her any more - who knows what's been through those lips recently? On the plus she does give the best b******* I have ever had and you should see the things she does with c**. Oh man.
    She is also very keen on music and we listen to music for hours on end in our own little World.

  • If you love her man and the s** is good I don't see the issue, in the end if at the end of the day you come home and she's there ready to love you and only you, do sent matter how many loads she takes in the face as long as your is the one she loves.

  • Don't move in together yet until you feel completely comfortable about her job, friends, and family. There's always the chance that she'll catch an STD, you'd wonder which of her friends she's slept with when they come over (the men and women), meet her parents who have questionable judgment, and imagine merging her life and values with yours. Give this relationship time before you jump into a commitment.

  • If you love her just tell her to keep her privates clean, no diseases and don't get pregnant. Let's be honest, the p**** wasn't new when you got it.

  • I feel like I want to scrub her p**** before I go down on her and as for r******? How the h*** do you scrub her a*** and let's face it there ain't any way you want to rim a clean a*** is there? No flavour!

  • Just take that s*** out in the back yard and hose it down, then scrub it with a big soapy brush. Rinse and repeat.

  • Only person what can answer your question is you. Do you get jealous. Fo you plan on having kids. Does she really love you. Imo. If you dont plan on having kids and you guys get along. Marry her. Imagine all then puss y you can get without getting in trouble. She will provide puss y from other girls for you. Plus benefits of having a good wife. Also have you ever tried mmf. Dp is hot. Especially if she is into it.

  • Marry her. Don't let her get away.

  • Easy for you to say mate.

  • Yes......of COURSE it's easy to say, because about 97% of the male population OF THE WORLD would do anything to be given the gift you have right in front of you, and better than all that is: she wants to be with you! How could you even wonder about what to do? This girl is a dream come true! You're wasting time. Marry her! MARRY HER!!!!

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