Michelle in college

I've been out of college over 20 years now but have a confession to make.
I hung around a circle of male and female friends at a small New England college for my entire 4 years there.
One of those friends was a petite 5'1" long-hair brunette named Michelle. She had a boyfriend from home all through college, so that headed things off. Still, she was and is still really funny and remains a good friend via Email, reunions, Twitter and what-not.
So here's the confession.
One night 23 or 24 years ago, Michelle was drunk to the point of passing out at a dorm party. I carried her back to our dorm - she had a room on the floor below me, and we all knew each others combination locks, you never know if you need to grab a beer or something.
Michelle was OUT. Gone. I could have blown an air horn in her face and she wouldn't have moved.
I then did something I regret to this day.
I got her onto her bed - totally unconscious. I took her sweater and bra off and then masturbated onto her b****** three times really quick.
Then I cleaned everything up off of her - and she was still incapacitated. I re-dressed her, and got her situated well on her bed. Then left a note taped to the door saying hey, carted you back to your room last night, drink a lot of water today, ha ha.
I've never told her. Part of me wants to. Ironically she's divorced and I am as well. We occasionally Email.
Maybe this is something I put on my bucket list, to tell her.
She is a sweet person and great mom to her young daughter whom I met at 20th reunion.
I don't know if or how I can relay this.
It seems like something you tell someone
when you're about to croak.
Should I just not ever say anything?

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  • Don't tell her, but do marry her.

  • (Poster of this note) - No gosh no, I couldn't tell her, upon reflection. It just was a good thing for me to express it here. She is a beautiful woman and that was a long time ago. Thank you for letting me express my somewhat sordid experience.

  • Don't ever tell her. You didn't hurt her or seriously violate her but telling her does nothing to help her, only relieve your guilt. Telling her would be selfish, really. But if you like her, tell her that.

  • it's not that big a deal
    you didn't rape her or anything
    and you even took her back to her room
    for all you know someone could have done something to her if you hadn't of done that.

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