I'm Stupid

Oh, where do I start. I guess I'll start by saying that me being stupid is the opinion of my mother. I used to cut myself, but never to a point of bleeding. The blade was too dull... Anyway, after a while of this, I finally realized that I had a problem and had the b**** to get up out of class, tell my teacher there was something I needed to do, grabbed my books and went to my guidance counselor. And I had the b**** to tell her, show her my scars, and spill my feelings out to her. She understood, and called my mom in to come take me home and get me help. She picked me up, and on the car ride home I told her everything. Then she looked at me and said "Well, I just dont understand why you would do something stupid like that." Like, HELLO. Did you not hear what I just said? I wanted to say you're stupid for not listening to me. I wanted to punch her in the face for everything she put me through, yet acting so innocent. Then, that day, I went into my room and decided that I would never cut myself again. NO ONE would ever make me sad enough to make me cause harm on myself. I have never cut since that day, about 2 years ago. But I still hate my mother, general family (my mom lives with her "boyfriend" who is a total ass, and my real dad lives with his crazy wife. Yeah, she's legally insane, yet he still loves her, because she takes care of my stepbrothers who live with her and my dad and she takes care of the house.) My dad thinks he's "helping me" by sending my mother checks, but all she uses them on is her car and anything else that's hers. I havent seen one damned cent of it, (my money), ever. Argh, my life is so complicated, I hate it and still want to die. I dont know if I can just keep waiting until I turn 18 to happily move out and give my final f*** you's to everyone that has made my life h***.


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  • No use cutting if you dont bleed im sorry but i agree with your mum

  • Ask your Dad for money too. Or better, ask for support to be put in a trust fund until you need it for further education.

  • Okay, cutting yourself and not bleeding isn't cutting. It's like scratching your skin until that little white line appears. So how can you possibly have any scars?

    I call bullshit.

  • ^ your one to talk you f****** r*****.
    Piece of s*** waste of space^

    You can legally divorce ur parents

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