My buddy's mom seduced me

I'm 19 and my buddy's mom seduced me. Her name is Rebecca, she's 45, dirty blond hair. Nice body, busty, a little chunky. She's been divorced since my buddy and I were in third grade. It started with some suggestive remarks about how I must get laid all the time, how guys at my age can go all night, etc. I'm not a horndog at all, I've dated 2 girls, one of them seriously, but haven't dated since going to college (just finished my first year). Well, one weekend my buddy took off with his girlfriend. So Rebecca calls me up and says, hi, I need a young stud to help me move some furniture - she was getting new carpeting put in. So I laughed and said sure, no problem, I'll come over after lunch. So I show up, and Rebecca is her normal flirty self, maybe more than normal. So she and I moved the big stuff - couch, entertainment center. Then she said she'd be right back. I finished moving the end tables and the small stuff. Then Rebecca called out from the kitchen and asked if I'd like a beer or mixed drink. I said sure, vodka and cranberry if you have it. From there, I swear it turns into a movie - totally unbelievable but I swear this is true. She comes out with drinks wearing a robe with (as I found out) nothing underneath, and showing a LOT of cleavage. It took about 5 seconds for me to get a raging hardon. She asked me in a really sexy way, is there something wrong? I managed to croak out a "no". From there we started making out and one thing led to another and she gave me a handjob. Things kept going and we ended having oral s** and s**. All the time she kept saying how long it had been. When we were done, we talked a bit, and she said she was up for more some time if I was. I said yeah, I think I am. When I left late that afternoon I wondered if this really happened. We've been together once since. But its secret and she wants it to stay that way. I don't know whether to break it off or enjoy the ride. I want to break it off I think but we're having a great time and I don't want to p*** her off. Help!

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  • This^^^^^ after college move farther away and it will go away on its own. Till then you have s***** till the end of school with no worries and no clingy female.

  • If you REALLY wanted to break it off, you could tell your friend and say his mom keeps coming on to you and just set her up. Have your friend pretend he's leaving again then when she starts coming on to you again have your friend come in and act like he just caught her, then you can still be friends with your buddy and his mom. But I would totally ride this train until there were no more tracks bro lol

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