E-Mail Affair

My daughter-in-law and I have similar e-mail addresses, so my son in Iraq sometimes mixes up the e-mails he sends us. Last year he accidentally sent me a very sexy letter with a photo of his erection that was intended for his wife. He immediately followed it up with an apology. But I kept it and began obsessing about it.

Eventually I was awake late at night and drinking a bit NS I sent my son a spicy letter with a picture of my naked b******. When I woke up in the morning I was sober and horrified. At least until I read my son's reply. He liked it and admitted that he had jerked off thinking about me since he was a kid.

We've kept up our cyber-incest for nine months now and he's due back from Iraq in two months. His wife is eager to see him again. We've already planned our first time together.

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  • I'm so disgusted with people like you. You guys shouldn't exist, and I cant wait for Jehovah to destroy you guys, the truth hurts, idgaf

  • Y are u here then

  • F u what r YOU doing reading confessions. Secretly masturbating!!!!!! FYI Your magical Jehova is just not real. Perhaps captain America will get them for you or perhaps Dudley do- right..

  • Your son is a very lucky guy having such a hot mom. Mine only allowed me to be naked with her in her bedroom but no touching.

  • what if your daughter in law come to know about this.....r u his mother or watt.....go, get your p**** f***** by a man other than your son.

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you freakin' serious!

  • your a digusting lady you need help

  • Strange as it may seem: these mom/son incest stories are the most popular by far of all posts on any confession site. Could it be that it is more commonly praticed than what we care to admit? PanMan

  • Total bullshit. =p


  • Don't be discouraged by the above prudish old fool. Enjoy the love that you share for as long as you are able. I'm sure that the next two months will prove to be a long wait for the both of you. Keep us posted on your progress. J.J.

  • You must be one h*** of a sexy mom, same as mine. My dad left when I was 14 and it took me another 3 years to get that far with her. J.J.

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