Tell my oncle no

K.I have just moved in with these stupide pople they r my aunt oncle and they don't hve kids.... But my mom said she couldn't hanlde me ne more.... So shes making me stay here!!!!!!! rigte??? my oncle has rules about everything!!!!! Nd he said if I dnt lissen to him I get spanked......... :/
and my mom nver spanked me before so whn I got into troube Today he said I would get a spanking???? I'm 9 that's too old for that. He told me no I wasn't but I told him he couldn't cuz he isn't my dad. He got mad and sent me up stris. XD I win for now.... But I need you to help me. What's a good raeson not to get spanked??? This time was cuz I flipped him off and said a few cuzz words. He deseervded it tho cuz he wanted me to do stuff around the place cuz it was dirty but it's not my house. Tell me what to do before he come

Aug 28, 2010

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  • I’m sorry but I would have spanked you and grounded you. If you live there then it is your home for the time being. Do you eat there, shower there, sleep there? Then get your butt in gear and do the chores you are told to do. If you go into adulthood with that crappy attitude this world will eat you alive, you will never hold a job or have a stable life if you can’t follow a few rules at your age. What happens if your Mom can’t handle you and your Aunt and Uncle decide they don’t want to handle you? Another relative or the state? Would you rather share a giant room with 50 or 60 kids? That is where you are headed and the only thing you will learn there is that those people mistreat children emotionally, physically and sexually. You will also get a first class education on how to get to prison. Get it together because there is not much left when your whole family turns their backs on you because you are an out of control, spoiled rotten brat that thinks the world owes them something. Newsflash: the world doesn’t owe you a damn thing. Get it together or your future is pretty bleak.

  • You write like the way you did and you call other people stupid?

  • F****** rebel tell this f***** off your not his g****** son if he hits you f****** punch him in the face while he tries to spank you or if he pins you than spanks you set fire to he hose while he sleeps I mean f*** who the f*** does this guy think he is. My dad used to f****** belt me with a leather strap until one day he went to lay into me and I thought wait a sec what have I done to deserve this and in all honesty I hadn't done anything he just came at me so I flipped over and kicked him 4 or 5 times in the face and he stood up and kind of looked at me funny held his face and walked off he tried it a few more times but I took no s*** from him any more usually had to have something close by to smack him with but he had a bad back so wasn't too hard anyway just stand up for yourself and take no s*** from him good luck little dude fight the hypocrisy of hmm can't call him a parent ahhhh guardians kick his ass

  • so funny that everyone says grow up.. but they make sure to use a few curse words and alot of attitude.. what great examples... just listen to your uncle.. its easier to get on his good side so you can get what you want instead of being on his bad side and having nothing.

  • Kid listen to your uncle. when i was your age my dad was still belting me n my siblings. get over yourself and grow up. =]

  • Not to be rude, but the people who have left comments are right. You are far too young to be on a site like this and you do deserve some displine. Act at least your age and talk to him. I know it's hard to trust you're authorities, but you need to. I myself am still just a teen and have my own issues with additude, but you are being ridiculous. Comment some time and let me know if you are doing better, I think that your uncle is going be helpful :)

  • Kid, wow. You need to be spanked and taught a lesson. I hope you get spanked hard because it's well deserved. What are you doing on this site?go back to school and learn spelling I know 7 year olds that spell better than you. No wonder your mom doesn't want you, your probably a spoiled rotten brat. As for your dad too bad he didn't stick around and tech you some good. Go get your hide tanned and clean up your house.

  • WOW 9???? You should get you butt beat! You can't spell simple s***. Come live with me. Bet I could straighten you up!

  • Holy f****** s***; learn how to spell and type correctly you retarded Grammar Jew.

  • Not jewish u f**

  • Calm down and mature. You are gonna be so embarrassed of this post when you grow up.....If you ever do.....doubt it.

  • another fake post

  • I don't think I could have handled having you as a child either. For f**** sake, learn how to spell.

  • respect him- do what he say's and act like a nine year old should- when i was that age i got spanked- it definately taught me a lesson

  • wtf's a 9 yr old doing on a site like tgis? Maybe he should do more than spank ban internet?...u are staying there its only human decency to help clean up..its called them.

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