I am having a hard time over the death of my mother she was only 54 and was a terrific mother. I had a wonderful childhood and nothing terrible happen to me I knew she was going to die but I have completely changed who I was. I stole her medication, and still continue to take it occasionly (pain medicine) talking about one pill maybe every 3 to 5 days if that but I still have them I have lost two jobs because of my depression. I went to rehab for pain addiction and it really didnt help me. I know that I am depressed so I am taking that medicine but her loss to me is so profound at times. I am a professional in the community where I live so I feel like I am hiding this so I started seeing a pyschologist who basically says, It'll take time, keep working on the steps" its been 13months, Am I crazy? Will I ever go back to the person I was before all of this, will I ever get over her death to where its a "normal grief" is there is such a one??

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  • You know how to do that don't you. You seem to be an expert at sucking it ....F*** YOU A******!

  • Suck it up, b****.

  • Hiya Buddy....Sorry I dont know your name.. I am sorry about your Mother. Death is a horrible thing and it takes alsorts of ways to help move on, When was the last time you really let it out in private or with a good friend..They say a good cry will help.

    Sit up and think about how your mother would react to your behaviour if she was alive to see it, If she could see you she would proberly give you a good telling off.

    Take each day as it comes do more things to occupy your mind and make some new friends and go out more. Life is for Living and she lived hers enjoying watching you live your life, Its time to move on I am afraid buddy it's not healthy to live in the past and dwell on things. You seem very bright and sensible and you are a proffessional community figure you must have opportunities to help you move on. Redecorate the house play some favourite music have a beer and chill out it all works its self out in the end ...Good Luck..Let us know how you are going on

  • Well Said It is not a good idea to hold on I know things are difficult at the moment and the only way you can move forward is by being strong to youself. Time is a fantastic healer

    Do you have family who can help? or do you have a best mate who will listen. You have lots of wonderful memories of your mum and those memories are yours to keep and knowone can ever take them away from you.

    Think positive and smile for her memories you will be ok.

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